Tuesday, June 09, 2009

i'm afraid i can't

S picks up new phrases all the time. Not words, phrases. Like, "you're killing me," or, "no paws, Otis, " or, "just one more minute." Last week, however, she picked up two phrases that I think might be the most annoying ever. "I'm afraid," and, "I can't." I don't mean to sound all I'm Every Woman/ the Little Engine that Could, but I'm about to scream. She picked up the afraid thing because of my granddaddy's tractor. She wanted to ride on the "chug chug," but it's wicked loud, and she got startled when he started it. She refused to get on, which was fine. Then Granddaddy started making a thing of it, trying to be sweet and explain that it was fine, but continually talking about it just built it up in her head. Then the next time we were at the farm, he kept talking about taking her out to the small tractor, and she just kept saying no. I had to explain to him...over and over...that she was afraid of the tractor. And that was that. She tells me she's afraid of loads of stuff now. She's afraid of trucks, so she can't cross the street. She's afraid of Hickory the puppy (who is probably frightening to her because he jumps and nips), so she refuses to walk outside unattended at the farm. She's afraid of worms. She's afraid of bees. You get the idea.

I don't know where "I can't" came from. I thought it was because I can't pick her up right now because my back is messed up, but she's been saying it longer than that.

Seriously...I'm going to have to put this kid in some kind of therapy. No kid of mine is going to run around saying she can't do stuff. I'm not having it. If I have to start chanting, "I think I can. I think I can," I'll do it. Any advice?


die Frau said...

No advice, just sympathy! Hope your back feels better. With bees, I always told my little 3 year-old campers that if you didn't bother them, they wouldn't bother you. That seemed to work a lot, especially when I showed I wasn't freaked out. If a lot came around (like when we were eating), we'd just calmly move and make a joke about how they liked what the kids had for lunch.

Best I got. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You need to tell her Madeline wouldn't be afraid, and to say "poo poo".

You-Know-Who (no, not Voldemort)