Monday, October 29, 2007

suck it up

You know what's hit me in the past couple of days? How I am so going to have to be a grown-up about things that I've always been able to be a whining little chicken baby about now that I'm a mama. What a bummer. Example? My flu shot this morning. I don't like shots. Amazingly, I don't mind IVs or having blood drawn, but I hate shots. They're too violent. You're being stabbed, people. Stabbed.

Anyway, I got my first flu shot ever last year. I only got one then because my doctor said I sort of had to. I would've finagled my way out of it this year, but the doctor still suggested it because of S. I don't like that flu shot. It hurts. It makes my arm sore, and it makes me all anxious as I wait to be accosted by the giant needle. As I was sitting there waiting for it this morning, I realized that I have to stop acting like it bothers me. It will probably always bother me, but I can't give S a reason to start picking up on my neurotic behavior. She'll likely become neurotic all on her own, and I really shouldn't encourage it. Anyway, I kept thinking about it on the way home. What are the insane things that I am afraid of or that I dislike that I have to start faking it about for the sake of my child?

Number one? My fear of things with disproportionately giant heads. Like the Lexington Legends mascots. My fear of those evil things is the stuff of legend. I've more than once run crying from them, hiding out in the restroom. They scare me, and they feed off that fear. Other things that I'm afraid of that I have to start toughening up about? Pigeons. Snakes. Water. What about you? Am I the only 'fraidy cat out there? I seriously doubt it. Fess up. Alright. Last thing for the day. S spent a large part of the weekend trying to imitate M whistling. It's the cutest thing ever as she stretches out the entire bottom of her face and makes a little "o" with her mouth. So, so adorable.

And I lied. Last thing...congrats to MoWask and family on their precious new bambino. We love him already.

I'm out, peeps...things to do, people to see.


Sarah said...

I've never thought about this from a fear angle, but B and I frequently talk about how we'll have to eliminate our habit of swearing like drunken sailors once we have the little tinys around. That's gonna be a toughie!

Leslie said...

Other than the regular neurosis (that I wouldn't exactly call FEARS, I'll add my complete disgust of all foods that are blue.
Oh, and the original Oompa Loompas. Eeeeeek!

Strongmama said...

I'm petrified of bugs in the house. Even when they are smashed under a shoe, I'm still afraid. And I've had to feign an interest in worms on the sidewalk, especially when J picks them up and tries to give them to me. I'm really hoping he doesn't grow to have an interest in snakes or we'll really have issues. It's not easy sucking it up!

Angie said...

please tell me that is not a wedding.that creeps me out! I hate clowns...well anyone in any kind of costume that restricts me knowing exactly who they are. So, this photo goobs me out on several levels. Don't even get me started about sticky things. I just now have been able to eat pancakes in public(thanks, purel)

die Frau said...

I can't stand foreign sticky things, Angie. If I know where it's from, fine. If not, ewwwww....

OK, I'll admit it: I can't eat peaches because the fuzz gives me goosebumps. I hate it. Can't stand touching it, can't even think about biting into it. Once the skin is gone, I love a good peach, but DH knows this and will only buy nectarines for me. Agh, even thinking about it gives me the willies!

Amy S said...

Hi Sommer,
Amy here... Marc's cousin. I have to say I love to see the photos of S on the website and I think you have quite a way with words. I really enjoy reading your blog...although I've only been reading for about a month.
OK, I am afraid of snakes... I can't even watch them on TV or I have nightmares. My unreasonable fear, rolling in an SUV. I drive an SUV (environment, please accept my apologies) and I really like it. But I have a fear that someday I am going to roll in one and that is how I will die. I hope verbalizing it does not make it a reality.