Thursday, October 04, 2007


Our playgroup met at Boyd's Orchards today. My child looks like she just went to playgroup on the set of "Dirty Jobs." The whole play area is essentially trampled straw over hard-packed dirt, and S loved it. I had to strip her down before I would even put her in her car seat. She fell asleep on the drive home...five minutes before we got to the house, so now she's upstairs in her crib playing and refusing to go back to sleep despite the fact that she must be exhausted. I'll never understand why anyone would refuse naps. Naps are glorious.
Of course, she'd already gotten herself filthy this morning by choosing to teach herself to use a spoon. With yogurt. While she understands the concept of "put spoon in mouth" as her MO is to put everything in her mouth, she does not grasp reloading the spoon. We're working on it, but today's attempts yielded less than stellar results. She got more yogurt up her nose than in her mouth...and more in Otis's mouth than her own. Lovely.Lastly, speaking of much do I want this shirt? Unfortunately, it's a child's shirt. While I can wear a kid's XL, they tend to be too short, leading to the ever-despised "plumber crack." And, hey, crack kills.

I'm here all week.

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