Tuesday, October 16, 2007

new hobby

Warning! Warning! To the men in M's office who read this blog, I will be using some female-ish words that may disturb you...like the time I mentioned pumping a bottle for S and you all wigged out. Just warning you.

Sometime in the past few days, S figured out that the drawers and the doors in our bathroom open. She'd actually opened the drawers inadvertently a few times, but now she knows it wasn't a fluke. She's trying to figure out how to get the doors to open more than the two inches allowed by the cabinet locks. Until she figures that out, she's fairly content to pull the door open, peek inside, close the door, and repeat. Over. And over. And over.

When she gets bored with that activity, she moves to the drawers. I sorted the drawers ages ago, removing all dangerous and toxic materials from the bottom drawers, knowing that this day would come. M's bottom drawer is totally empty now, so it's not at all interesting to S. My bottom drawer, however, now plays home to such items as cotton balls, empty cosmetic bags, and tampons. Stuff that can't hurt my daughter (at least not physically, she may someday be psychologically scarred). Yesterday, she pulled a box of tampons out of the drawer and started beating on it like a drum. She went one step further this morning, actually opening the box and trying to figure out whether tampons are edible. She sat in the bathroom floor for a solid ten minutes in a pile of tampons and other feminine accoutrement. I found it hysterical. M didn't find it so funny, and he thought we wouldn't have to explain those things to her until she was about 15. I think he was a little upset when I told him it would be closer to when she's ten. Like when he freaks out when we walk past training bras in Target, and I mention that S will need one someday. Sometimes I point stuff like that out just to see how oddly misshapen his face becomes. It's really fun.

Of course, she's not just into feminine hygiene. She's into everything. We officially have "that baby." You know the one I'm talking about. The baby that has to touch and attempt to eat everything. She's tall enough now to reach actual tabletops when she stands on her tiptoes. Phones, lamps, plants, magazines, picture frames. All of these things are endangered. Her new favorite game is to race me to the wine cabinet. She likes the sounds the glasses make when she bangs on them and they clink together. Needless to say, it isn't a game I enjoy, as I spend most of my time trying to figure out how to keep her away from the cabinet and make it less enticing without removing all the wineglasses. Because, really, where would I put them anyway? Why couldn't we have had a baby like our niece S? She was one of those babies that did not need to explore everything. I always knew our child would be like this, though. God wouldn't let me get away that easy. He was bound to bless me with a daughter just like me. I don't know how M can stand it.

That's enough talking about that. Just so you know, I sat down yesterday...Blog Action Day, remember...and I started making a chart of what various presidential candidates are saying about the environment. I didn't get all that far as S woke up from her afternoon nap earlier than anticipated. However, M did send me a quiz that was going around his office yesterday. The quiz matches you up with a candidate based on your answers and ranking of 11 questions. It's pretty interesting, and after it matches you up, you can look at the candidates' stands on the issues a bit more thoroughly. Give it a try if you've got five minutes.


Strongmama said...

J did the same thing with the tampons and other feminine things. I won't go into details to spare the men at the office. You might want to get a superyard to keep S away from things like the wine cabinet. Don't use it as a play yard, but they can come apart and be used as a barriers. We used one around our tv area for awhile when those little hands just had to turn everything on and off and pull off buttons. It's great for a barrier around the Christmas tree too (if you have a climber like I do).

feather nester said...

I liked that quiz. I got fairly predictable results, so it seemed pretty accurate. What I found most interesting was seeing which Republican ranked highest on my list, which was also whom I would have predicted.

By the way, I have highly recommended this entry to The Husband. He will find it hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the quiz! My results were also exactly what I expected, so I was glad to see that I had already made the correct decisions. ~Alice