Friday, October 19, 2007

hold on, what happened to friday?

All day long I meant to sit my little buns down and blog. All day. All of a sudden, I looked up and realized that it's 5:30. What happened to today? We're heading to DC tomorrow, so I've been trying to get things together, but surely that didn't consume my whole day.

Hang on. I got sidetracked. Now it's 10pm. Of course, M and I just watched our latest movie from Netflix. We got A History of Violence. It was horribly, embarrassingly bad. Worst acting ever captured on celluloid. Ever. It's one of those movies that really makes you think you've just lost an hour and a half of your life. I'll never get that time back. It's just sad. That's all I can say. If you haven't seen this movie, don't. If you have seen it, why didn't you start a nationwide campaign to spread the news about how horrible it is? If those Latter Day Saints kids can tool around my neighborhood in shirts and ties in the blazing hot middle of August to spread the word about their church, why couldn't you, my friends, give me a heads up on this movie? Really.

Anyway, we're out of town for the weekend, so I'm out peeps. If you're not one of my prego friends about to pop, send them lots of happy labor-inducing thoughts. Lots of them. I'm hoping to get everyone to give birth on the same day, so I'll be less likely to forget any birthdays. Is that too selfish?

Happy weekending, peeps.

Sight: the end credits of that awful movie...the end was so welcome it was like seeing the first daffodils in Spring
Sound: Last of the Mohicans soundtrack
Smell: baking bread
Touch: "hugs" from S
Taste: peanut butter brownies with chocolate ganache-holy yum, batman


feather nester said...

The Husband has seen it and also declared it wretched. Blame him. :) Have a great time in DC! Going for pleasure?

VA said...
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p said...

i've heard the same from several people now, including va who especially disliked it. you and va continue to prove to be long lost sisters..

die Frau said...

I saw it and thought it profoundly disturbing. Just the sheer rawness of all the violence made me feel icky. I see a lot of movies--next time call me and we'll let you know if it's worth it. I've informed my mother she MUST do this when renting videos because she inevitably finds the worst piece of crap movie that ever found its way to a screen of any kind.