Friday, June 08, 2007


I read an article recently about simplifying your life. I read lots of those articles. This particular article (and many others I've gathered) suggested that the first step in creating a simpler life is to get rid of stuff. How much stuff? Fifty things. Not something like 50 CDs. CDs would count as one thing. (Unfortunately, we weeded out CDs a few years ago, so I'm not sure there would be much there.)

I set out on my simplification quest yesterday. I even made a list. Well, the framework for a list. I numbered a piece of paper from one to fifty. The nerdiness within that statement is alarmingly clear. Wow.

Anyway, I worked on it yesterday. Pretty much from early afternoon until 10:30 last night. I got to number three. Three, people. For the record, I threw out the box of leftover wedding invitations, all the old markers and pens that were kaput, and doubles of wedding snapshots (along with all the candid shots with closed eyes and bad light). So I know it wasn't a lot to get rid of, but it was a start, and now ALL of our wedding photos are in albums instead of the envelopes they were in when they were developed.

The cupboard under the stairs also got cleaned out in an effort to find crap to throw out. In reality, that yielded more things to get rid of, but I'm not counting them until they are out of my house...either by garage sale (the big neighborhood sale is next weekend) or donation. There are a few games, some serving trays, and some linens in that pile. So, hey, I guess I'm sort of up to six on my list, huh? That's still a long way from fifty. I'll keep plugging away at it, and eventually I'll hit fifty. Of course, I'm wishing I hadn't cleaned out my underwear drawer last month. At least I'd be up to seven things.

Beyond that, S and I are hanging out waiting for the afternoon storms. We had playgroup at church this morning, and I got to know one of the other new mommies a little better. She's one of those people that I feel is too cool to hang out with me. Not in a trendy cool way, in a "I wish I was more like her" kind of way. Know what I mean? Then again, those people usually turn out to be pretty normal...or really abnormal. Abducted-by-UFOs-abnormal. We'll see how she turns out.

Alright, I've got laundry to fold. I don't suppose that dryer lint counts as a thing on the list.

Have a great weekend.

Sight: baby smiles. baby asleep in her crib.
Sound: sheryl crow's first cd. i hadn't listened to it in ages.
Smell: food cooking on the grill.
Touch: sweaty baby feet. cool, clean sheets.
Taste: chocolate. anything chocolate.

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die Frau said...

I think that's a FANTASTIC idea. I will start doing that as soon as I can. In my teeny-tiny apartment, lord knows I need to simplify.