Tuesday, November 01, 2011

be a man.

A friend of mine posted an excerpt from a Dockers ad today on Facebook. I promptly reposted it, as it was essentially a call for men to be men. I've since looked up the actual ad, and the Facebook post wasn't quite the whole shebang, but still.

I've posted before about the things I want to teach my children, and this remains one of my favorite things I've ever pinned. The Dockers ad/Facebook status this morning got me thinking a little more formally about something I've actually been pondering lately.


I am grateful every single day to be married to a gentleman. To be married to a man who is a man. A man who takes care of his family and who actually wants to do that. A man who takes care of all of the people that he loves. A man who takes care of his home and his lawn. A man who knows how to use a chainsaw and isn't afraid to use power tools (even if he chooses to pay people to do the work sometimes...someone has to stimulate the economy.) A man who loves football, but won't sacrifice his time with his kids for it. A man who looks good in a tie and wishes the men in his office would wear them everyday. A man who has a deep, commanding voice. A man who polishes his shoes and always polishes mine, too. A man who opens doors and always shovels the driveway when it snows. A man who idolizes his grandfather and his daddy. A man who respects my granddaddy almost as much as I do. A man who makes people laugh, but never at the expense of other people. A man who rarely raises his voice, but whom you will listen to when he does. A man who reminds me of leading men. Jimmy Stewart. Cary Grant.

My man.

I hope that someday someone will love all of these things about my son. I plan to spend every day until then training him to be that man. A man. A gentleman. Nothing else will do.


Wonderland said...

J and I talk about this a lot. There is a very real lack of actual Men in this world. J is a Man too, like Mr. Ouiser and I am honored to know him.

Sarah Berry said...

So eloquent, so perfect. I love every single thing about this post!

I'm also laughing because I consider B to be one of those people as well and the two men he's gotten along with best are Mr. Ouiser and Wonderland's J! Can't possibly be a coincidence!

die Frau said...

Der Mann (to my Frau) talk about this, too, in terms of raising J. He is a Man as well in all the best aspects of that term, and our son will be as well. It's a balance of confidence, respect (to self and others), and humility.

keLi said...

yes ma'am - well said. mr. T will be fortunate to have a mama who is a molder of men. and miss S will have mr. Ouiser to use as a (very tall- both literally and figuratively) measuring stick. :)

i smiled wide at this, too, because last night - in a revolt against a never-ending to-do list - ryan and i snuggled on the couch and watched "the philadelphia story," which has both the leading men you mention. i sighed a lot. it was good for the soul.