Friday, November 11, 2011

my newest crazy.

I think I might actually be crazy. I'm just saying.

The latest evidence? I've decided that for the 30 days of November, I will declutter/organize one space per day. As I didn't start until yesterday, I had to do ten spaces yesterday, but it was pretty easy since most of those spaces were spaces that I clean pretty regularly. Yesterday I tackled the pantry, the kitchen cabinets and drawers, my half of the closet, M's half of the closet, S's closet, the playroom, S's play basket in the family room, the linen closet, the bathroom, and our dressers. Today I did the refrigerator.

I let M handle his own half of the closet and his own dressers (he has two). The linen closet was the only space that really took any time yesterday. I'm donating several cosmetic/toiletry bags that never get used, and I cleaned out the cold medicines. I also reorganized all the linens and the extra bath supplies. In the pantry I vamanos-ed some leftover tapioca from a failed recipe, a box of nonfat dry milk from an old recipe, and a bottle of Karo syrup that was crazy sticky. The fridge yielded only one thing: a tube of wasabi paste from God-knows-when.

That's all.

The remainder of the month looks like this:
12th: TV cabinet
13th: Filing cabinet
14th: my craft supplies
15th: my fabric stash
16th: bath toys (read: toss all bath toys, buy new ones)
17th: laundry area in the basement
18th: S's dresser
19th: S's jewelry hoard
20th: S's art supplies
21st: Amelia (my car)
25th: coat closet
26th: desk
27th: ATTIC
28th: ATTIC
29th: ATTIC
30th: ATTIC

The attic needs some major attention, so it gets four days, and we've got to really take a long, hard look at our Christmas stuff since things from M's dad's came here. I need to sort stuff, and I need to toss broken stuff and duplicates.

In this insane endeavor, I reserve the right to tackle more than one area a day if I need a day off. I also reserve the right to rearrange the days that I do each task. The bottom line is that all of these spaces will be cleared out by December 1st.

Also, I've eaten a banana, a half of a bell pepper, and a cup of roasted broccoli today. I'm about to grab an apple, and I'm making etouffee for dinner. I feel confident that I'll eat enough tomatoes, celery, peppers, and onions to qualify as several veggie servings, so I'm good for today. I know you were all worried. Also, thanks to Yum, I have a veggie-eating partner in crime :)


Sherry Shealy Martschink said...

Good luck with your November activities. I'm not that brave nor that energetic, but I wish I were!

Leslie said...

Decluttering is so wonderful :)
So, over the weekend (other than the wedding shower I went to), I had some form of veggie and grain for dinner and veggies with my breakfast each day. I'm blanking on lunch. Sandwiches - with lettuce and tomatoes.
We are totally winning at this :)

die Frau said...

I want in on the food thingie! And Ouiser, I was just thinking of doing something similar. My question, what do you do with T while all this cleaning goes on?

Sarah Berry said...

I refuse to believe that any of these tasks (other than the attic) will take more than 6 seconds. I know how strong your OCD is, and therefore how often you probably already do this ;)