Monday, November 21, 2011

the classics.

Yesterday I was cleaning out a cabinet in the office when I ran across a couple of old notebooks. They were the notebooks that I'd filled over the years with magazine articles and pictures and things that I wanted to keep for inspiration and ideas. The notebooks that Pinterest has rendered practically obsolete. There was some good stuff in there, though. Old stuff. I cleaned out a lot of it, but I couldn't let some of it go, which I'm fine with.

One thing I ran across was an article from Real Simple from a zillion years ago that was entitled "Classic Style." It was a list of 32 perfect, timeless pieces that you should have and keep forever. Here's the list:

Brooks Brothers White Cotton Shirt / Ralph Lauren Twinset / Gap Long Sleeved Favorite Tee / Malatesta Olimpia Stole / Coach Legacy Crescent Handbag / APC nylon rain hat / Barbour Flyweight Quilt Jacket / Wellington Boots / Petit Bateau tees / Saturday Cords by Ralph Lauren / Jutta Neumann ring closure belt / Tod's Driving Loafers / Swiss Army Cavalry II XS Watch / Benetton wool crewneck / J.Crew charcoal gray wool flannel trousers / Cole Haan Drina Pumps / Laura Ashley nightgown / Izod Cotton Waffle Robe / Pearl River Satin Slippers / Jockey Round Neck Tank / Lauren by Ralph Lauren Kneesocks / Brooks Brothers Men's Pajamas / Gap Cotton Bikinis / Banana Republic Black Turtleneck / Levi's Men's 501s / Blundstone Stout brown boots / LL Bean Boat and Tote / Echo Cashmere Blend winter cap / Russell Athletic Sweatshirt / Patagonia Synchilla Vest / Trench Coat.
I find it absolutely hysterical that so many of these pieces have been discontinued. In the event that the exact piece is still available, I've linked it. However, it doesn't do anyone any good at all to have a list of pieces that are completely unavailable, so I'm going to spend the next couple of days finding alternative pieces. Just for you because it's almost Christmas and maybe you still need to think of the perfect gift for someone.

You should be warned, however, this list will apply only to those with a more minimalist, classic approach to fashion. An Audrey or Kate Hepburn lover. A Grace Kelly follower. A Jackie O admirer. If you're after the latest and greatest from Beyonce or Jessica Simpson, you're going to need another list. You might also be interested in another blog.

Stay tuned for the updated list...

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