Friday, November 11, 2011

my son, the contortionist.

The wee man has a gift for wiggling. He is almost literally never still. He keeps moving in his sleep. Sometimes he is still for ten or so seconds when he realizes the TV is on.

Up until a month ago, he slept in a baby bag (more appropriately known as a wearable blanket, but it's really a bag for your baby with arm holes and a neck hole), but we had to stop using it because he tried to wiggle out of it like a snake wriggles out of its skin. We'd go upstairs and find the thing around his elbows, trapping his hands. Since that prevented him from rolling over, it was not particularly safe, so we 86'ed the baby bag.

His next trick was what we affectionately referred to as The Tarzan. We have found that he can get one arm completely out of any outfit that is not footie pajamas by Carters. Footie pajamas by Gymboree? Arm out. Footie pajamas from Target? Arm out. Any version of a onesie? Arm out. What I mean by "arm out" is that he would get one arm out of the neck hole, so his outfit was always around his torso ala Tarzan. We invested in more Carters pajamas. Problem solved.

And life was relatively peaceful. Until last night.

Last night he managed to get both of his legs into one leg opening, so he was flopping around like a merman. For the life of me, I cannot comprehend the mechanics of that one. He is gifted. I swear.

I don't know what we'll do about this one...other than pray it was a one time deal.


Wonderland said...

HGahahaa! Maybe I shouldn't laugh, but the picture of your baby as both tarzan and a mermaid?! too cute to not giggle!!

die Frau said...

Pretty funny and a cute image. We used to call J "Teeny Houdini" because he always managed to unswaddle at least one arm.