Wednesday, January 07, 2009

an update on the girl

It's hard to sit down and blog these days. S is just doing so much. Firstly, the kid seems to be growing like a weed. We had to take her to the doctor on Saturday morning for an ear infection, and she still only weighs (only...ha) 36 pounds, but she's so much taller all of a sudden. She hasn't been measured since her 18 month check-up, but everything is short on her. And, she's losing her baby shape. Her belly doesn't poke out quite like it used to, which is not to say that it doesn't poke out because it does. Her legs are longer and thinner. Her face is thinner. She's looking like a kid. A beautiful, perfect, hysterical kid.

As a kid, she's starting to do new things, too. The vocabulary continues to expand. Now we can't get her to shut up. I was laughing about it with Feather Nester earlier. S kept telling us that she was finishing her yogurt. Then she'd start talking about everything that was going on around her. A couple of minutes later, she'd have maybe taken one bite of yogurt. She just refused to stop talking. We laughed because everyone says that toddlers hit a certain age and become so interested in exploring that they lose weight because they won't stop to eat. S never did that really. However, she's starting to thin out now because she's too busy yapping about everything to eat.

She's also super into her new toys. There have been many, many masterpieces created at the new easel. Plus...and here's the exciting part...she's drawing things. Actually, she's drawing indecipherable lines and telling us that they are things. She can draw fish, octopi, daddy, penguins, and bananas. At least she says she can. It's so, so fun to watch. She gets really excited about it. We're also loving the new dishes that she got at Christmas. S has apparently picked up a nasty caffeine addiction as she walks around all day "drinking coffee too." Then there are the princess mega blocks. I can safely say that I doubt she has a future as a structural engineer. Her castles (because she only builds castles) never stay upright for long. And she loves playing with her magnetic paper doll thing. And she's loving her pink tutu...that she wore today with a Colts tee shirt and jeans...yesterday with a green tee shirt and brown cords...the day before with a princess tee shirt and leggings. It's likely to start smelling any day now.

Okay, that's enough. I just thought you all might be missing S...


Lesley said...

I was missing little(big?) S! I bet she's adorable in said pink tutu-you have to take a picture for me.

mo wask said...

we have been! thank you for the tiny dose of S.