Sunday, January 11, 2009

m the comedian

Some of you know M pretty well, and those of you who do likely know that he has a mental block when it comes to the pronunciation of certain words. The most well known example is "ambulance," which might explain to others of you why he always says "EMS truck." So...

...if you've been watching any football lately, you may have noticed the lapel pins that the Fox broadcasters have been sporting. I asked M last night if he knew what they were about, and he responded with one of those words he can't say.

"I think I heard that they have something to do with all timers research."


"I think you mean Alzheimers."

"No, no I don't. I think they are researching all timers. Hourglasses. Stop watches. You know...timers. All of them."

I laughed for a good long while at my ridiculous husband. He never ceases to make me laugh. He'd spent most of the day up to that point making me laugh by getting S to say "baba ganoush." I love my life.

I also love this.

Oh, and this...the infamous stinky pink tutu.


feather nester said...

Wow. That is an awesome poster. Makes me wanty, too. Did you try to see if anyone had prints available for a lower price?

mo wask said...

maria put it well