Friday, January 09, 2009

the one where i act like a boy

-the single most ridiculous statement ever uttered-

This single observation had me rolling last night. It was Thom Brennaman's take on some statement made by some Oklahoma player that Tim Tebow would only be the fourth best quarterback in the Big 10. I thought it was terribly funny because, frankly, as much as I hate the Florida Gators, Tim Tebow is pretty wicked awesome. The fact that he is also apparently just short of being a saint makes me puke. No one is supposed to be that good at everything.

Beyond that, I was lying in bed last night, unable to sleep, mulling over the idea of a Division I college football playoff series. I know lots of people talk about it, and I agree that the BCS is totally bogus, but I'm not sure that a college football playoff can work, and I'll tell you why. Money. Plain and simple. If there is a playoff, what happens to the bowl games? All three hundred and forty seven of them that we are currently subjected to. Do they all go away? Or do we add playoff games? Neither option sits well with me. Eventually some of these bowl games are going to have to make like Tom and cruise (thank you, little sis for that phrase). If you watched many bowl games this year, you know that there are a lot of empty seats. Not all of these games can survive. Especially not in this economy. However, the thought of just axing the games can't happen either because no one is going to voluntarily give up a tourist draw. Adding more games can't really work, either. How is that going to be funded? Budgets would have to support that much more travel for each team...for each diehard fan. Plus, I get pretty sick of it by the end already. There is no aura of awesomeness surrounding the postseason anymore aside from the big bowl games.

I'm sure that most of you couldn't care less about this...but I was thinking about it, so here it is. Maybe it'll give all you Stantecers something to talk about today.

...and now I'll act like a whiny girl...

For the first time in my adult life, yesterday I chose not to take a shower. It wasn't that I'm finally coming around to some greenie idea about saving water. Nothing nearly so noble could keep me from my beloved shower. It was heat...or a lack thereof. Our house is an icebox. Our heating bill is something like two-and-a-half times what it was in Lexington, and our house is freezing. We've had to buy a supplementary heater, and M and I walk around bundled like mummies, but we're still crazy cold. Our house is seriously drafty. We can't seem to get the problem under control...

I digress.

I chose not to take a shower yesterday because I had gotten myself somewhat close to warm, and I couldn't bear the thought of making myself cold again. M argued that the thing I love most about showers is the warm water, and he's right. That part is great. But. But then I have to get out of the shower. I have to step my naked self out of the warm shower into the cold air of the bathroom, and that sucks. I couldn't do it to myself yesterday. I think that is a defining moment for me. I think we're really, really going to have to do something about the temperature in our house.

Lastly, I ran across this question yesterday in the archives of Simple Mom. Where is your favorite spot in your home and why? Mine is, unquestionably, the wing back chair in the corner of the bonus room. Every single time I sit in that chair, I am immediately comfortable. It sits in front of the window, and I can curl up with my feet on the ottoman and watch S play...or I can read a book, which is my most favorite thing to do in that chair. It's a perfect reading chair. So, what's your fave??


Melodie said...

I could really care less about any kind of football, but we did watch part of the Florida, Alabama game (because I am from Mobile and if you don't claim either Alabama or Auburn, you'd probably be called a Yankee- very bad) and got a kick out of one of the announcers saying that Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas. Of course, my pessimistic, expect the worst side now can't wait for the day when they find him holed up in a motel room with a hooker, meth, and a handle of Southern Comfort.

Does that make me a bad person?

I'm realizing that I like to comment on your blog so much, maybe I should start one of my own.

Angie said...

Fourth best quarterback in the Big TWELVE, not Big Ten. Notable difference. If he had in fact said Big 10, then it might have actually been the single most ridiculous statement ever uttered. Aside from all that - Fox announcers are... not good.

Lesley said...

I was going to leave the same thing Angie said. Being the native Boomer/Sooner that I am, (and the husband being a die hard Gator fan,) you can't help but like Tim Tebow, even if he did just crush your team's hopes and dreams.

die Frau said...

My BIL is a Florida grad, so I watched part of the game to support him, meaning ten minutes of it before I fell asleep. Try YouTube for a skit from last night's SNL: Will Forte sings a song about how much he loves the BCS...and hemorrhoids. And a lot of other things NOBODY loves.

My favorite spot in my house right now is my bed, at night with T and Penny while we snug and watch TV. It's warm and cozy, and it's wind-down time, so what could be better? Once it gets warm I say our screened-in porch. Pale me spends hours out there because it's both outdoors and shady. Perfect.