Thursday, September 04, 2008


I decided I needed to go all out on the blog showing my support for the man. It's the equivalent of having "I heart Barack Obama" tattooed on my forehead in real life. Since that's clearly not an option, I'm going with blog support.

Please tell me that someone else out there suffered through the insanity that was Sarah Palin's speech last night. I don't even have anything to say about it because she didn't say anything of any consequence. At all. Not even close. The first fifteen minutes sounded like a pitch to elect her and her eskimo fisherman hubby prom queen and king. The rest of the speech was just ridiculous insult after ridiculous insult being hurled at Michelle and Barack Obama. It doesn't even merit a rebuttal because it was all so asinine. But, please, please tell me that someone else was watching the speech on NBC and saw Piper Palin (because that's the child's real name) spit shining her little brother's head. It was really one of the highlights of the night for me.

That...and the realization that I'm pretty sure Sarah Palin has a promising future as a Lenscrafters model when the McCain campaign tanks. I know, I know. That was tacky and irrelevant. She's really quite pretty. Then again, so is Blake Lively. She's not qualified to be VP either.

I'm out. I have to shower. I spent all my blog time choosing colors for the new layout. Happy Thursday, peeps. Here's a picture of S eating an apple in my aunt Mel's backyard on Monday.


Melissa said...

I'll second that!

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the speech. While I have what I call a "morbid fascination" with the Sarah Pallin pick, Dan gets WAY to upset by Republican politicians for him to be allowed to watch them on TV. But PLEASE check out this link. And tell me now much you LOVE John Stewart. Feel free to share: :-)Jess

Angie said...

Yes, yes, saw it all. The ridiculous "speech", the spit-shining... I even suffered through the Giuliani speech/Cindy McCain as Nanny feature. I'm fired up, but haven't processed it quite yet.

Strongmama said...

ugh, right there with you sista. the whole thing was disgusting. And you are dead on about the lens crafters thing! too funny. Giuliani got me so upset that I didn't watch the speech until around 2 am. It's so sad when people decide to get on the snide/slime bandwagon. It's gonna be a couple of long weeks ahead. Love the header!!

feather nester said...

Jess, that was awesome, thanks! Can I vote for Jon Stewart? (Just kidding, Ouiser, I'm an Obama Mama, all the way.) Remember when he was at Colgate? That was rad.

I, too, have a morbid Palin fascination and have been reading articles and blogs about her all day. Everything about her is a joke.

Ouiser, love the new design.

Anonymous said...

Girl, I can't disagree more. Yes, Palin did discuss a lot more of herself, than the issues, Obama does THE SAME THING!!! That's a politican. And I found the "licking" to be a sign of true "americanism", I think your daughter would do the same thing!:) Anyway, I'm not for Obama and I am not against him, I just don't think you should keep treating him as perfect, he's only human, just like Palin, Mccain, Beiden. May the best man (or woman ) win. End of story.

die Frau said...

I just don't think she's the right candidate for VP. If he wanted to choose a woman, as Gloria Steinham pointed out, there are much more qualified women out there.

No politician is perfect, but I don't believe McCain's what this country needs. Today I ranted at my seniors to vote if they were 18.