Tuesday, September 30, 2008

accidents waiting to happen

S has had a rough 24 hours. It seems as though the universe has been hanging onto all manner of injuries for her to stumble across.

Last night, we took her upstairs for her bath, and we nearly sliced her toe off. It's crazy dark up there, and we didn't turn on the light, and when we opened the bathroom door, her left big toe got caught under the door. There was blood. There was crying. She got over it quickly, though, because she either didn't see the blood or didn't know that blood should inspire immediate hysterics. Either way, playing in the bath water was more interesting than belly aching over her nearly severed toe. Crisis averted, more or less. She's got a yucky looking toe, though.

This morning, at the gym, she got her first toddler injury. By that, I mean she was maliciously wounded by another toddler. It was actually my friend L's son who did it. He's apparently a rampant biter. He doesn't talk, so I'm guessing that he's into biting since he really can't "use his words." Or maybe he's jumped on the Twilight bandwagon. Either way, it's a done deal. Her fingers look like they should hurt, but she seems totally fine.

Then we went over to our favorite little bookstore around the corner, and S was playing on the upholstered benches that she loves so much, and she fell off. She managed to twist mid-air, which was a remarkable feat as the benches sit about 15 inches off the ground, and she whacked her head on the side of a bookshelf. She sort of caught herself with her hands first, so there are no gaping head injuries. Just scared mostly.

Either way, I'm thinking I'll need her to take it easy this afternoon as it just doesn't seem to be her day.

I hope everyone else is faring better than my daughter today.

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die Frau said...

Poor girlie! Maybe she's filled her quota for a while.

Go to Finslippy and scroll back a few weeks to read "letters" she wrote to other moms who either had toddler thug children or whose children HER kid hurt. Hilarious. The name of the post is something like "sometimes it's good to procrastinate" or something to that effect.