Friday, September 26, 2008

a good week

I'm not going to lie. Our vacation was great, but I didn't feel great through most of it. I was, for some unknown reason, crazy anxious. The anxiety seemed to get worse as the week wore on, and by the time Thursday rolled around, I think that both M and my aunt Mel wanted to strangle me or tie me to a chair lest I obsess over one more thing. It was a pretty strange feeling, and it took a couple of days of being home to get back to normal. But, now that we're home, and my little routine is restored, I feel great.

And, this week with S has been one of the best weeks ever. She's been so completely hysterical and talkative and "dancy." I know that dancy isn't a word, but the kid's been rockin' all week. She just wants to dance and dance. She looks a little like Napoleon Dynamite, though. It's not always pretty, but it's always fun to watch. Her new wiggle move is especially great because, while she doesn't realize it, it's a spot-on Bill Cosby impression. So, last week was not great, and this week, despite all the political drama (the unseemly hullabaloo, if you will), was pretty fantastic.

In keeping with the feel-better routine, I bought myself a little hand-painted plaque that says "Take time to smell the flowers." It's in the kitchen over the sink. I think it's a pretty great little motto. So...smell the flowers...enjoy tonight's debate. I'll be enjoying it from party headquarters down the street with Feathernester. Game on!

Sight: arrangement of basil and zinnias on the kitchen counter. Totally, backyard local. S in jeans. Friggin' adorable, but she can't get onto the couch or chairs since she can't lift her leg in denim. M's moustache. Yeah, that one will never be forgotten.

Sound: S saying "good night" last night...or singing the goodbye song throughout the grocery store this morning.

Smell: basil. it'll only last so much longer. Also, Feathernester cooking with garlic earlier today.

Touch: S kisses, it's a perennial fave, and cuddling on the couch while watching The Office.

Taste: Dark Chocolate Espresso cookies, Iced Monkey Mocha from House Blend.


feather nester said...

Um...[fights to keep down the giggles]...what was the occasion for the mustache and how come I missed it?

I'll try to post that cookie recipe.

Glad your week was so much better. I think you just missed the Papoose. :) And I am dying to see the Cosby impression! Can't wait!

Kristie said...

Did M lose a bet?

die Frau said...

I can't get over the 'stache. It's a little...bowm chicka WOW wow!

I'm just so used to clean-shaven, Indiana corn-fed M! But I love you no matter what your facial hair is. :-)