Thursday, September 11, 2008

i'm distracted by the catch-22

Really, it's two separate things. I am distracted, and it's a Catch-22.

First, the distraction. The great distraction. The great political ploy. When you have nothing to say, don't, just make sure the nation doesn't notice by giving them something else to focus on. The distraction? Sarah Palin. I stand firmly by the assertion that she shouldn't be an issue because she shouldn't be involved. But her addition to the ticket is proving to be a brilliant political move. While we're all busy arguing about her, we're not focusing on getting our guy elected. The only guy who has seemed to stay focused is Barack Obama. He keeps saying, and rightfully so, that when the dust settles around Sarah Palin, the choice will be clear. Change vs. More of the Same. It's true. I pray that it works. I pray that he's not overestimating the American public. I pray that the electorate will start to focus on the issues and not the people involved.

There's the catch-22, though. If Obama starts to deviate from his message, he's falling into their game, and I'm not sure Karl Rove's game is a game you can win if it's not in your nature to be nasty and calculating. If he doesn't jump into that game, though, he risks being seen as a softie who can't handle a fight. Obama is rumored to be letting the reins loose on the liberal 527s. I've got very mixed feelings about this. If he doesn't fight back, he'll get swift-boated. If he does, he's playing the same old political game. It's a fine line. Very fine. In my perfect idealist world, he can keep walking on the high road and the American people will see through the distraction of Sarah Palin and they will realize that John McCain isn't bringing anything new to the table, and Barack Obama will win. My perfect visions are rarely reality, though, and I fear that.

I'm trying desperately not to be distracted by Sarah Palin. I'm actually worried about the environment and education and healthcare and the economy. I hope that in tonight's "candidate's forum", those things will be discussed. I want to look past this inconsequential noise and hear what both candidates are actually saying. I want the rest of America to do the same.

Also, here's a link to a graphic from Anderson Cooper last night. See if it makes you as sick as it makes me. Um, why do the people with the most money deserve to keep more of it than the people with less? Don't the people with less money actually need their money to pay for things like food and medical treatment? Maybe I'm wrong.

And lastly for the day, I felt compelled to share this video. Thanks, Scarlet Lily.

I'm out, peeps. Don't miss the forum tonight. It'll be on CNN at 8/7C.

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feather nester said...

Call me cynical, but I am rapidly losing more and more faith in the average American and, yeah, I'm worried. Like, really, really worried. I totally get Obama's dilemma and I have no idea what he should do because I very much DON'T think the high road's going to work, but do you become a hypocrite for the greater good? How can you look yourself in the eye after that? I just don't know anymore.