Tuesday, September 02, 2008

is it bedtime yet?

This has been a day. You know what I mean.

S woke up this morning with a slightly leaky diaper. In and of itself, not an issue. It wasn't a blowout diaper leak, just a damp spot underneath her. A change of sheets was in order. I'd get around to it.

We had Kindermusik this morning, and S was excited to go, and she was so, so shockingly good. She sat in my lap in the circle. She sang along. She danced. She put the instruments away when asked. It was beautiful. I was so proud. That was the first thirty minutes. Then she noticed the giant sound system with the red blinking lights and the buttons. When she first approached it, I told her no, and she walked away and kept dancing along. I was dumbfounded as she never just walks away. I should've known it wouldn't last. A few minutes later, as we reformed our little circle to sing the shake, shake song (which was the only song she participated in last week), she made a beeline for the system again. This time there was some pushing and some huffing and some whining. I picked her up and carried her back to the group. She looked at me, turned around, and headed back to the sound system. I knelt in front of it and tried to talk to her and explain what was going on in very calm whispers, which works with her about 60% of the time. No dice. She tried to bite my face. She backed off, though, so I let it slide. One more attempt at the circle led to one more attempt to sabotage the stereo. This time I just stood in front of it and kept saying, "no." She was so mad that she was turning red, and then she bit my leg. As she screamed and kicked, I said goodbye to everyone else in the room (class was over at this point, and parents were gathering up shoes and bags and whatnot) and we left. Once we left the room, she was fine. Tears dried up. Sobs ceased. She said bye to her friend C from class in the parking lot. What the heck?? In reality, I know what happened. One: she is a toddler who lacks the vocabulary to express her anger and frustration, so she bit me. I get that. I know how it works. Two: I'm guessing that she was overly excited from class this time, and she just couldn't hold herself together. At least that's my guess. I'm no baby Dr. Phil, though. Any advice on how you other mamas of toddlers (or kids who used to be toddlers) have dealt with this would be very, very much appreciated.

Okay, so then we got home. She was totally calm and acting like herself. I worked on laundry and dishes. She pulled all of our dirty shoes from the mudroom into a pile and played with them. Perfectly safe activity. Then, as I walked into the bathroom to grab towels for the wash, I heard a weird smashing plastic sound from the mudroom. S had pulled the new bottle of detergent off the shelf, and the cap had busted. She was trying to put it back onto the shelf, which is over her head, but she couldn't quite reach, and...you guessed it...All Free and Clear was pouring all over her head. It was actually comical. She was trying to clean up her mess (or hide the evidence), but detergent in the eyes was not a problem I wanted to deal with, so we headed straight to the bathtub. While some detergent did make it to her eyeballs, it wasn't enough to worry about and by the end of her bath, the redness wasn't really noticeable. Just the same, being upstairs reminded me that...

...her sheets needed to be changed. No big deal at all. Except I smashed the very end of my fingertip into the crib rails trying to get the mattress back into the crib. It was one of those finger smashes that makes you sick at your stomach. Know what I mean?

Since then, the day has gone along swimmingly. But it's only 1:30, so I fear what will happen after she wakes up from her nap. At least her head and her eyeballs are clean. Silver linings...


mo wask said...

while i don't mean to laugh. all i can do is laugh uncontrollably. i mean are you living in my parallel universe of when it rains, it pours?
btw. when are you going to grace us with cutie-pie pictures of S? seriously. we are going through withdrawals. this is the part of you guys living back in bucksnort that i don't like. (hee hee. the bucksnort reference is from T.)

Strongmama said...

I have to say that this sounds like a different version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. If it makes you feel any better, my kid was the kid at the pool last week who went over to the gate with the alarm because it goes to the parking lot and even though I kept saying "No, no please, no" proceeded to hit the gate and set off the alarm. Which resulted in every parent looking at us and probably thinking, "Can't that lady control her child?"

Sorry about the biting. Sounds like she is right on target for testing the waters in public. The only advice I can offer is to be consistent and firm, and not be afraid to remove her from the group if necessary, which it sounds like you are already doing. I so empathize with this type of day.