Thursday, September 11, 2008

panic at the disco

Does anyone else feel desperate? Down in the pit of your stomach? Everyone keeps saying that democrats are panicking. Maybe we are, and maybe we’re not. But continually telling me that I’m panicking is making me panic.

I am desperate for Barack Obama to win. I can barely stomach the thought of four more years of the crap we’ve been subjected to for the last eight. I am desperate. I want to call Barack Obama and ask, “What can I do?” Seriously. What can I do?

I live in the south. In a community that falls somewhere between rural and suburban. In a state that didn’t even stick behind Al Gore, one of our own. Tennessee is not expected to go Obama. And by “not expected,” I mean that I think Obama would fall over dead from the shock if he somehow carried Tennessee.

It is so exceedingly frustrating to know that I can call people in my state and knock on their doors, and it’s not really going to make a difference because “one man, one vote” isn’t really true. We saw it in 2000. My sense of personal hopelessness is the reverse of what my friend J is feeling in Boston. Her state’s electoral votes are already going Obama, so she, too, feels that any actions she might take are moot points. I could convince someone in the grocery store checkout line to vote for Obama instead of McCain, but it really won’t change the outcome. Will it?

I, along with a substantial portion of the educated people in this country, have long known or suspected that the Electoral College is a broken system. Meant to make elections fairer? What? Really? Honestly, if every person in America voted, and each vote meant exactly the same as the next, that would be fair. One man, one vote indeed. Who can argue with that?

As it stands, however, people, like me, end up frustrated. Very, very frustrated. It’s all very “what’s the point?” And that attitude isn’t helping anyone. So, for now, I’ll continue to try to figure out how to contact Barack Obama to see what I can do. Maybe there will be a 1-800 number on the screen during the forum. 1-800-SAVE-USA? That seems about right.


Angie said...

Feeling the same way up here in KY! Ick... Should we move to Ohio? I do have a friend who is an undecided voter up there. I will work on him, and if successful, THEN I will feel like I made a difference. I have another good friend actively volunteering for the campaign in Ohio... I'm jealous, actually. And annoyed - why the heck do 6, 7, 11 swing states decide this stupid thing? The rest of us are chopped liver!

Strongmama said...

I got an email from Barack and co. because I'm in Texas (also hopelessly red, but my small comfort is that I am in the city of blue)and they are trying to send people to New Mexico, which is actually an important state in this election. Maybe you could do something like that, but in a state that's a little closer? I'll send you the link to the email I got if you want it

Anonymous said...

I realize that our next president is important, and I realize we need a change , and most likely Obama will be that change. But let's be calm about it. For one year America is divided between the elephant and the donkey, and I know that's not what our forefathers intended. The point is instead of becoming so intense and divided ,how about we pray for a strong leader who will actually make a 'good' difference. God is bigger that us all, and if we pray and trust Him to lead our nation-through Obama or Mccain- we wouldn't have to worry about electoral votes, or " panick ". The bottom line: whatever happens, happens because God wants it to. Let's not mess with the Big Man and just leave the politics up to God. Afterall, aren't we " one nation under God"?