Thursday, September 20, 2007


I don't think I mentioned last week that we had S's friend 'Lijah over for a little baby play date and mama lunch. I mention it because my daughter has apparently developed some highly questionable behavior. She kissed Elijah. Kissed him smack on the face. M is jealous because she doesn't even give him kisses. She had just been with her friend A the Saturday before, and we caught him "putting the movez" on her (boob graze, if you were wondering). Is it already starting? Do we already have to sit M out on the front porch with a shotgun to ward off potential fondlers of our daughter? Maybe we should just go ahead and shackle her to her crib. Our regular Thursday playgroup starts back today, so I'll be interested to see if she tries to make out with any of the boys. Hopefully not.

Her other lovely new behavior? A little story. S does not like having to take naps. At all. She's screams as you leave her in her room, then she'll calm down and play with the animals in her crib and talk to herself, then she'll realize that you're not coming for her and you expect her to go to sleep. Then the waterworks begin. It can be fairly stressful, but I can deal. As long as what happened yesterday does not become de rigueur. "But what did she do," you ask. She stripped. After she finally fell asleep, she managed to take about a half hour nap. When she woke up, I opened the door to find a naked baby standing in her crib, laughing. Apparently, she was very pleased with herself. She had, of course, peed in her bed, which makes the second time in two weeks that we've had to deal with pee in the bed. I am thrilled, I'm sure. It was actually pretty hysterical to see her little naked butt when I opened the door. Just don't tell her that I thought so.

So my little stripper harlot of a daughter will be made to pay strict attention in church this Sunday as we can't have this morally reprehensible behavior continue. What a stinker. Of course, I'm getting ready to plop down in the floor and play with the stinker, so I'm off. Happy Thursday, peeps.


Strongmama said...

That is too funny. Even funnier because we never had to deal with that. Thank you for making me laugh on a day when J had us up at 12 and 4 and then only napped for an hour. Oh and there was lots of screaming for Daddy in there. So, hearing about S stripping and kissing makes me smile. I hope she doesn't make out with too many little boys all at once.

Angie said...

laugh time it will be poo..not so funny. YOU would think only to go through that once...not with three kids. with at least one of them did it 3 times(that would be the boy) gross and nasty. enjoy the cute bootie and only pee