Monday, September 10, 2007

an apple a day

S has had her first apple-picking experience. I'm sure she was thrilled out of her little head as we strolled her through the apple orchard in the blazing hot middle of the day on Saturday. She didn't actually seem to mind as we let her keep her cup of water with her the whole time. Either way, M and I had a nice time, and I am, just as I was last year, already trying to think of every conceivable way I can eat our yummy apples. So far, I've eaten three apples, used six for an apple strudel, and steamed three for S (she'll have her first taste for lunch today). I'm also going to make some apple bread to take to a friend tomorrow, and I'll likely make two loaves as the apple bread was my favorite apple concoction last year. Yum. Yum. In other culinary news, both the soy-fig butter and the bunny muffins were terribly disappointing. Yuck. I made some carrot croutons out of the muffins and munched on them a bit Saturday, but I threw them out last night. I couldn't take any more of it. Oh, well. The tomato tartlets that I made for dinner at our friends' house Saturday evening were good, so at least the weekend wasn't a complete disaster in the kitchen.

Lastly, M and I purchased a giant lidded garbage can yesterday to make a compost bin. I am super excited about it, so thank you LD for the link you sent. Next on the list is a homemade rain barrel...thanks to CC for the tips on that one. I feel greener already.

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Les said...

My sweetie and I will also be embarking on a compost bin. Let me know how yours turns out - I've wanted to do this for a couple of years, and now we actually have space to do it. YAY!