Tuesday, September 11, 2007

funniest card ever??

M and I used to love searching for the funniest (read: dumbest) cards we could find for each other. As we've been together longer, we've agreed to forgo buying each other cards altogether unless we just happen across one that is begging to be purchased. One of my favorites was a Valentine's Day card from several years ago that read,"Don't kiss your honey when your nose is runny. You may think it's funny, but it's snot."

What's the point, you ask?

Snot. Snot is the point. I think I've been essentially covered in my daughter's snot for three days now. It's another one of those things that makes me feel like a "real mom."

Needless to say, baby girl has a cold, and it sucks. She hates the "nasal aspirator." Hates it, and it's not like I can reason with her, so in order to de-snot the poor girl, M and I have to basically wrestle her to the ground and pin down her head and arms while she screams bloody murder. It is somewhat less than fun. Also less than fun? The fact that M and I both seem to have caught a bit of baby girl's malady. I've been hitting the Vitamin C as hard as I dare while breast feeding and trying to take in egregious amounts of fluids. I'm trying as hard as I can not to get sick. I think M is pretty much doing the same. To aid our quest, I'm making a huge pot of chicken soup for dinner. Cross your fingers that it works.


feather nester said...

Oh, you poor dears! You are sick ALL THE TIME! Is this what I have to look forward to? Yikes! Well, I will certainly be sending immunity-strengthening thoughts your way. Take care of yourselves.

Angie said...

Ok- you can give baby girl vit c liquid. We used to get it at Wild Oats. I am sure you have some reputable health food store there. Dr. Wanderman (our naturapathic family doctor) would say go with like 200ml 3x per day. Also, he recommends echinachea (2-3 drops 2 x daily) As for the snot, you can try to get your pediatrician to write you a script for Bactriban. It is an ointment that you put a tiny bit of right inside each nostril and then kinda pinch the nostrils to rub it inside. It helps clear up the snot at the source. It really does help. Your dr. might think that seems like a crazy thing to prescribe. If he does, have him call Dr. Richard Wanderman in Memphis and he can explain it. It is one of those things that we always have on hand. Trust me-it works.

As for you- you can load yourself with the vit c and echinachea. Check the bottle for adult dosages. Lastly, Zicam is a lifesaver and homeopathic. I am pretty sure it is fine for nursing moms. Get the q-tip looking things. They are a life saver and cold killer!

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