Friday, September 14, 2007

the tide is high

I think the tide is finally turning. S seems to be feeling better, as evidenced by her lack of screaming fits when I bust out the booger sucker. Now she's back to just not wanting her face washed, which is especially critical when she has mucus smeared across her otherwise adorable face. She has, however, taken her naps today (nap #2 is in progress) without throwing any fits, and she seems to be in an excellent mood. Of course, I let her ride in the buggy at the grocery store today, and she thought it was a blast. It's getting a bit cumbersome to try to wear her while grocery shopping as 1) she's a lot of extra weight to lug around, and 2) having her strapped to my chest puts her within reach of everything I pick up, making my attempts at moving items from the shelves to the cart a constant struggle. So, today, I plopped her in the cart, and she loved it. Of course, I could wear her on my back, but I'm not brave enough to try that on my own the first time.

How did this turn into a recap of the day's grocery excursion? No idea. Anyway...

I am so frickin' excited about the weather. It is pleasant outside again. Plus, we've been sleeping with the windows open and it's just lovely. I'm trying to take advantage of the nice weather by getting the garden all in order. I dug up the dead zucchini plant this morning, and groomed the tomato plants a bit. I'd dig them up, too, but I can still see some little green tomatoes, and I can't bear to miss out on them. Soon enough, there won't be fresh tomatoes. I'm also trying to decide what to do about the basil. Should I make a truckload of pesto and freeze it, or would the plants survive if I put them in pots and moved them inside? I will miss my fresh basil terribly if I have to give it up.

Speaking of tomatoes and pesto, I picked up some fresh mozzarella today, and I'm planning to make tomato, mozzarella, and pesto paninis one day this week. Of course, I don't have a panini maker, but I heard somewhere that I can just use my waffle iron (or a skillet and a weight, but where's the fun in that?). My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I'm also going to try out a new soup next week from Barefoot in Paris and also Scallops Provencal. I'll keep you posted (as always). For now, I'm going to go make an apple cake. Yum. Have a great weekend, my peeps.

Sight: S learning to get down the front step without landing on her face...hysterical
Sound: quiet.
Smell: apples with cinnamon
Taste: vanilla ice cream on warm apple dumplings, homemade chicken soup, tomato tart, spinach pastry, sweet tea (I've been a glutton this week.)
Touch: cool air at night

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die Frau said...

Lay the basil flat in large freezer bags, freeze, and take it out as needed. It's a little soggy but works just fine. You can then crumble it as needed. We've done that so we don't lose all of ours (although we left it all behind at the other place! SOB!)