Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a new kind of seamstress

I always have these great intentions of sewing things. Like curtains for S's room. I've been staring at the fabric that I bought (and now passionately dislike) for months. As I no longer like it for curtains and the yellow in the fabric doesn't match the yellow of her walls anyway, I think I'll make some napkins out of the fabric. Again- good intentions. It'll likely never happen. If anyone out there will actually use some yellow striped fabric for some eco-friendly napkins, I'll gladly send it to you. Anyway, the sewing machine rarely comes out of its box for any projects. I did a little hand sewing today, though. On the new compost bin. Bizarre, I know. I was following the instructions online, but the screws just weren't working to hold the wire mesh onto the bottom of the bin, so I busted out the garden twine and sewed the mesh to the bin through the holes I'd already made in it. It worked, and after spending a solid 20 minutes digging a hole in which to put said bin, we now have a compost bin in the garden. I am so way excited. It was really nice to be able to work outside in the middle of the day. The high today is supposed to be 75 degrees. That's 20 degrees less than a week ago. Unreal.

The break in the ungodly heat means I also shut off the AC today and opened the windows and turned on all the fans. It is insanely pleasant and fresh in the house right now. I think the fresh air will help the P family get over our little plague. Along with the Vitamin C and chicken soup. in fact, I think I am beating this little cold. M is feeling pretty cruddy, but S seems to be doing better, and I am not really feeling so bad. Just a scratchy throat really. And apparently, S is now old enough for Infant Dimetapp. I called the pediatrician about the Bactriban suggested by Mama Morton, but the nurse said to try the Dimetapp since Bactriban is an antibiotic and S probably doesn't really need it. Thanks for the tip, though. Maybe next time the snot monster attacks baby girl...

I'm off. It's getting close to nap time.
Oh, old roommate is scheduled to have her baby girl via c-section today. Keep her and her family in your thoughts. S is so excited about having a new friend.


Sarah said...

LOVE the new blog colors!! Very fresh looking.

die Frau said...

Yes, the blog looks great!

Two ideas: 1) Cold-Eze to do just that. We swear by them. 2) Airborne (or the drugstore equivalent). I know I avoided some form of school plague last year by taking one of those fizzy tablets in my water every four hours or so for about three or four days straight. You have to take them when you're going to be around other sickies as a preventative, but I swear by that as well.