Tuesday, September 04, 2007

back to normal

Everything is suddenly, and sadly, back to normal around here. M went back to work this morning after ten days out of the office, so S and I are on our own. I think I've almost forgotten how our days go. Almost. Of course, she's being a screaming terror right now, and I don't remember that being a part of our routine. I think she got a little spoiled by her Favorite Great Aunt Mel and her great-granddaddy this weekend. My granddaddy refused to let her cry, so he would sit and rock her forever until she'd fall asleep. One day of that was enough to show her that there are other ways of doing things, so now she's seriously unhappy with us. I'm pretty sure she thinks we're awful parents...especially since we're making her eat plain cheerios instead of those baby-crack fruit puff things. Hopefully, social services won't take her away.

Nothing new to report around here. It's been a pretty low-key couple of days. M and I did go see The Bourne Ultimatum Saturday night. There's a Movie Tavern here now, and it was our first chance to go. It was nice to turn the usual four hour "dinner and a movie" date into a two hour event...with beer during the movie. Not a bad set-up really. I'm surprised it's not catching on everywhere. The Bourne Ultimatum was good...if you like the other Jason Bourne movies, which we do. Good, mindless, high-octane entertainment. Probably less mindless than the other movie we discussed seeing: Superbad. I loved that kid on Arrested Development, and it looks so stupid and funny that I can't wait to see it...though I'll wait for Netflix on that one.

Have a great Tuesday, peeps. I'm hitting the showers.


Lori said...

We have a place here called Alamo Drafthouse, which is just like the place you went to. They even have baby days on Tuesdays where you can bring your baby for free before 5. At first I thought that was a crazy idea, but it's great. The theater was a sea of mamas and car seat carriers and slings. I used to bring J when he was little, I'd watch a flick, eat a sandwich and he'd nap. It was great. They do need more places like this!

Angie said...

We just have to sneak everything we need(liquor and cheap candy into Malco).