Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh Snap

"Today is a gift from God. That's why they call it the present."

I'm not sure if wittiness like that is only experienced in the south or not. Seems like a southern thing. Then again, I witnessed an appetizer with bacon last weekend that wasn't from the south. For the record, it was peanut butter and bacon, and it's a Buffalo thing. Just the same, I drove past the Lexington Baptist Temple (I know...Baptist Temple? I don't get it either) earlier today, and a big grin spread across my face upon seeing their sign. I love me some good Christian advertising. I sincerely hope that all you northerners and westerners and whatnot aren't missing out. Beyond that, yesterday was little bit's three month birthday. We had cake. I can't believe that she's a quarter old. What I really can't believe is the fact that I put a six month dress on her this morning and couldn't button it around her neck. Luckily, it was a polo-style dress, so we just left a couple of buttons undone. The child is huge. Huge. She's also a bonafide member of the family now...she has a savings account. We went and had lunch with hubby today and stopped by the bank on the way back to his office. Hehehe...she's sooooo her daddy's girl.

She's sleeping now, and I have some housework to catch up on. Peace out, my peeps.

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