Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oh my yumminess.

I am sad that I didn't take a picture of it. "A picture of what," you ask. THE LEMON CAKE. All capital was that good.

We had friends over for dinner last night. The food was all very simple (salsa chicken over brown rice, black beans, and sauteed spinach), so I wanted something WAY delish for dessert. Ordinarily, that would've meant my "world's best chocolate cake." I wanted something lighter, though, so I decided to finally try out the Barefoot Contessa Lemon Cake recipe. It is worth zesting and hand-juicing the lemons. It was so, so good. I'm showing remarkable restraint by not devouring the two pieces that are left in the kitchen.

The recipe makes two 8" loaves, but I cut it in half to make one. I'm kicking myself for that one. Amazingly, the cake turned out as pretty as the ones pictured in the cookbooks, and that's a very rare thing. So, here's my ringing endorsement for THE LEMON CAKE.

Oh, yeah, we also bought a new car yesterday. The Hybrid Saturn Vue. M took it into the office this morning, but I'll post a picture of our shiny new toy soon. Until then, dream of THE LEMON CAKE.

For the record, I served it with fresh blueberries.

The other thing happening at the P house is baby girl's first cold. Poor thing is all congested and coughing. Plus her eyes are watery. She's so pitiful. We finally got Otis well, now the other baby is sick. Will all members of our family ever be well again? I'm beginning to think not.


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, congratulations on the new car! You guys are much faster at making decisions than we are apparently :) Can't wait to see a pic and hear the review. And I'm psyched about the lemon cake recipe... I never thought I was a fan of lemony desserts until I had Val's lemon squares ( - oh my gosh!!! I am now converted. Horray for recipe sharing.

Angie said...

That is a great lemon cake recipe!! I have made it, too.

WM told me to tell you that he knows a place you can take that new car and have it fixed so it will use more gas, go over 15 miles per hr and go uphill...he is still mumbling some crap from the kitchen that I can't hear. HEe Hee hee