Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How do you spell relief?

D-A-D-D-Y. Yesterday was my first day completely alone with baby girl. M left for a conference yesterday morning, so S and I (and Otis) are all by ourselves until he gets home Wednesday night. I already knew that I always wanted someone else to hold her for a few minutes by the end of the day...around 6pm, I usually just need a little break. I just want to sit down and relax with no baby attached to me. Not having that break last night wasn't fun...especially with S not feeling well. Since she's been sick, she's wanted to be held non-stop, and she is much more demanding than usual...as in, you absolutely cannot change the way you're holding her until she's ready, and when she's ready, you'd better move with the quickness. It's a harrowing experience when you're all alone. So, not that I take my husband's help in the evenings for granted, because I don't think I do, I've realized that I NEED him. Especially when Otis takes off with a burp cloth and starts barking at a stray dog and brings in a load of wet grass from the backyard right at bedtime. I'll be glad when M gets home. I am counting the hours.

Beyond dealing with S's sickness, I've started keeping A for a few hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. (Yesterday was our first day for that, too.) I'm also trying to get everything ready for our jaunt to the Empire State. Since M doesn't get home until late Wednesday and our flight out is at 630am on Thursday, I have to have everything ready for everyone before he gets home. If I make it through this week, I'll be pretty impressed with myself, I have to say.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their stress, too.

Smiles to all.


Melissa said...
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feather nester said...

Oh, hon, hang in there. That does sound harrowing. You'll make it. Just take it one hour (minute?) at a time. And she's bound to start feeling better soon...right?