Saturday, April 07, 2007


It's too cold for Easter Egg Hunts. I don't even know if the neighborhood hunt happened this morning. Why? Because there's friggin' snow on the ground. So much for not sticking. There wasn't any real accumulation, but there was still snow on the ground and it was around 25 degrees this morning. That is officially too cold for Baby Girl's first foray into hunting. Not like she'd remember it anyway. I'm actually torn about what she's going to wear to church in the morning. I knew exactly what she'd be wearing when I thought it would be toasty warm. Now that it's cold, I have to find something to bundle her up in. I have to find something to bundle me up in, too. I haven't the slightest clue what I'm wearing. Was everyone subjected to the horror of "Easter dresses" growing up? I was not a "girly" child, but my mother would slap ruffles and bows and the whole shebang onto my person every Easter. I'm sure I'll do the same to the wee one. She'll get over it. I did. She'll have a harder time forgiving me for things like this... I have to run...time to glaze the strawberry pound cake. Yum.

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