Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hanging in there

I think we did the alone thing better yesterday. Sort of. Add to the list a clogged milk duct last night, which was less than fabulous. S was great yesterday morning, but she'd had enough of feeling snotty by the afternoon. So, everything until 4pm was great. After that it was hit-or-miss. As Feathernester said, I had to take it one minute at a time. Luckily, S was pretty content laying on the bed staring at her toys and the ceiling fan for about 45 minutes last night. That gave me a chance to get some things packed for tomorrow's trip. She also slept pretty well last night, so even though I stayed up late dealing with the milk duct issue, I was able to get plenty of sleep. Thankful for that. Also thankful for hubby's return this evening.

Of course, making my day brighter yesterday was the discovery that The O.C. now comes on the Soap Channel at 6pm on weekdays. (How embarrassing is it that I admitted that?) By about 6:15 last night, I was pooped, and so was baby girl. I sat down to nurse her, and flipped on the TV. Searching for something to watch, there it favorite teeny-bopper soap opera. I enjoyed every second of it. I'm only mildly ashamed to admit it. (Also mildly shameful is the crush I have on Adam Brody...I like nerdy, thin, brown haired boys. What else can I say?) Besides, I happen to know that a certain someone who reads this blog was hooked on 90210 back in the day, so she's swimming in the shame pool with me. You know who you are.

Okay, there's a guy here to give me a quote on replacing our gutters, so I have to run. Check you later, peeps.


Sarah said...

Hey! There is nothing wrong with having a crush on Adam Brody! ;) I am equally fond of skinny, nerdy, awkward, dark haired boys... have you MET by 140lb. engineer boyfriend? I'll add to your shame for the day - I totally want to see Adam Brody's new movie where he's all awkward and cute and has a teenage romance. (Hiding my head in the sand now...)

Angie said...

I once remember that Dawson's Creek was your not so shameful fav teeny bopper soap opera. I even admit to a guilty pleasure of the O.C.(WM laughed at me just yesterday for, not only watching, but tivoing the show. To my own defense, I have insomnia and you can't always find quality programming on at 3 a.m.(yes- I just called the O.C. quality programming) It is sad that I can relate more to the parents and not the kids.

feather nester said...

My husband was addicted to One Tree Hill. There's enough shame to go around for all.

Yay! So glad the cavalry arrived. See you in two days!!!