Friday, April 06, 2007

Cruel, cruel world

Are you kidding me?

It's snowing. Easter is in two days, and it's snowing. I realize that for those of you hailing from the frigid north, this is fairly normal. To a girl from the south, it's insane.
Day After Tomorrow, wrap up with Jake Gyllenhaal in a blanket before you freeze to death, insane. I doubt it will stick as it was in the 80s less than a week ago, but still. How can one adequately participate in an Easter Egg Hunt in gloves? I'll say it again. Insane.
Adding to the insanity is the plague that hit the P house. M went back to work today after two sick days in a row (there's a first time for everything). He went to the doctor yesterday, where he learned that he's sick. No kidding. He's supposed to limit his contact with me and S until Monday. What?? Otis is also suffering from the plague, but at least his illness was properly diagnosed and can be medicated. He has tracheal bronchitis, which is something like kennel cough. I guess he picked it up last week when he was boarded. Awesome. S seems to be feeling better, though, so I'm hoping she and I can stay well. Of course, she did puke IN MY MOUTH earlier today, but I think it was a fluke.

For now, we're bundling up and hoping the Easter Bunny is strong enough to hop through snow drifts... Oh, and Otis stole one of S's bibs last night. M made him wear it as punishment.

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mo.wask said...

this weather sucks.
love that shot of s. that is making it onto our fridge.
happy easter. we look forward to pictures of egg hunting in mittens and thermals.