Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Here's wishing you all a very happy Easter from the P family.

S's loot from the Easter bunny.

M reads Green (Easter) Eggs and Ham.

Baby Girl snoozes through church.

The happy family...don't be fooled by S's disgruntled expression. She was happy.


Sarah said...

Those are *great* pictures - very adorable family you have :) And for the record, baby girl's Easter outfit is very respectable and not too "frilly." We drove through a snowstorm for an hour today to get to our own Easter celebration. Gotta love New England in April!

feather nester said...

And I have yet another Easter gift for the wee one. Meant to send it with your husband, but wasn't thinking to clearly that morning. And haven't been since. You weren't the only ones hit with the plague, methinks. I'm guessing S won't mind a late Easter gift. In fact, I'll guess further that she'll be oblivious to the whole thing, so there you go. :)