Sunday, July 09, 2006

Outward Bound

Not "Outward Bound" in the outdoor training way...outward bound as in the "bound for out of town" way. M and I are heading out of town for an entire seven days, leaving work, the house, and my blog alone for the duration. We're headed to Fort Fun tomorrow afternoon to spend a few days with his dad, then we'll head south (woo-hoo) to Tennessee to spend some time with my family. M is actually very nervous about leaving because we are having to board Otis for the week. Pretzel gets too wound up for Otis to be there that long, and I am afraid the bobcats and other wildlife around my dad's house might actually eat him. Alas, he's off to "doggie day camp." Hopefully, he won't pick up that nasty parasite again. That wasn't fun the first time around.

I did pick up some fabric today, so I'll have a little project to work on while we're at M's dad's. I'm going to make the Mini Moopy Bunny. I picked out four fabrics, and my favorite two were in the $1 bin, so I got some extra of those. One is a dirty orange (think Texas Longhorns, sorry Allison) and the other is green and orange and brown and has a "connect the dots" motif. I adore it, and I kind of want to go back and buy all that they have of it.

I'm also thinking about running to the library tomorrow morning and picking up an old Nancy Drew book to read while we're away. We passed the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys section in Barnes and Noble the other day, and I've been thinking about it ever since. My stepmother used to take me to the library to get Nancy Drew books to take on vacation, and I usually read them in the car before we ever reached our destination. Amazingly, I can barely even read directions now in the car, I get too carsick. Bummer.

M just took Otis with him to return a video, and Otis is officially becoming a "real dog." For the first time ever, he hung his head out the window. My little boy is all grown up.


mowask said...

I can't wait to see your Moopy. It's been on my to-do list since May. I might get it down before next Easter. lol.

Have a safe trip!!!!

feather nester said...

Oh, the Moopy! So exciting! I can't wait to do mine. I have such a list building with the machine in repair, and now moving will delay it more. But that's okay. I'll live vicariously through your Moopy making experience. Drive safe.

die Frau said...

OK, that Mini Moopy is so cute I may have to jump on the bandwagon.

Have a great trip! Otis will be fine, I'm sure. I used to board Boo at the vet and they were great. When she was really young they'd put her in with the cats because the barking of the big dogs scared her...all without our asking them to do so. I have to ask: How old is Pretzel now?