Friday, July 07, 2006

Five Senses Friday

I was all prepared to think of my "five senses" and blog about them...then I rolled the chair right over poor Otis's tail. He didn't whimper or yelp, he just popped up and looked at me like, "I thought I was being good, mom. Why did you just try to torture me?" I felt and still feel awful, so I gave him three ice cubes and sat in the floor to pet him. He's now forgotten about the tail incident and wants to play. I think he just ran into the family room to chew the velvet throw pillows. Awesome.

Okay, back to the point...

Five Senses Friday-
Sight: Fireworks going off all over the city as we drove home on Tuesday night
Sound: Mary Poppins belting out "A Spoonful of Sugar", kids laughing during Mary Poppins, "Snap! Crackle! Pop!" from the Rice Krispies I just ate
Smell: Apple Pie baking on Tuesday afternoon
Taste: Eating the apple pie on Tuesday evening!!
Touch: sheets when you get too warm- so you roll over and find a nice cool spot

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Angie said...

loving five senses friday

sight- the kids jumping on the pile(huge) of couch cushions in the living room yesterday
sound- Peter running into the bedroom this morning yelling hey daddy to me.he was naked at the time(having removed all bedclothes and diaper in the night)
smell- freesia yesterday while making an arrangement
taste- bbq on the 4th- wm's 1st attempt at a shoulder-it was great-thanks, Alton Brown
touch-squishing a block of oasis yesterday- putting lotion on my husband's almost healed hand