Friday, July 21, 2006

The cat's out of the bag

I guess it's official...we've just about told everyone (tomorrow's the big day for M's dad and sister) that we're expecting. "Expecting what?" you ask. A little Pearson baby (or maybe a gigantic Pearson baby- have you SEEN my husband??). We're thirteen weeks along, and I anxiously await the cessation of first trimester symptoms. I'm told the second trimester is usually pretty low key, and that sounds fantastic to me as I haven't had the energy to accomplish anything in the past couple of months.

We're going back up to Fort Wayne this weekend for M's dad's birthday (I just finished icing and "sprinkling" the birthday cake). His sister and her family will be there as well, so I know M is looking forward to seeing Sophie. I wonder what she'll think about the baby. She has always been pretty good with Jackson, maybe just a tad overbearing. Hey, what do I expect from a first born??

We finally had the opportunity to tell my family last weekend, although it turns out my aunt Mel had already spilled the beans to a handful of people. Luckily, it hadn't gotten back to my brother, and I think he's pretty excited. He's going to be an awesome uncle. My daddy and Cindy are thrilled as well, as we knew they would be. They've already taken to calling themselves by grandparent names.

Beyond the baby front, there really isn't much happening around here. Otis got his shots this week and he seems to be suffering from the same intestinal distress that plagued him after his last extended stay at the vet. Poor little guy...who knew that poodles had hyper-sensitive intestines? Watch out, Sara!

Oh, we got our new camera the other day, but M was at a conference, so it hasn't been played with yet. M is planning on busting it out over the weekend, so maybe there will actually be pictures on Monday!!

Happy Weekend to all-

Oh, five senses Friday:
Sight: Otis trying to actually jump ON the car when I picked him up Monday at the vet.
Sound: I heard the baby's heartbeat last week! Also M talking on/to my stomach in the deepest voice he can conjure up. It also counts as a feeling, as it tickles like crazy.
Taste: Cheese Krystals from the motherland. WHY are there no Krystals in Kentucky?
Smell: Smells are not a good thing right now, but the cheese Krystals did smell tasty.
Touch: My brother's whole body tensing up as he gave me a hug and I told him not to hurt the baby. M says the look on his face wasn't half bad, either.


mowask said...

So glad the cat is out of the bag. lol. We feel honored to have found out when we did. awh! I did have a feeling that is what you had written when you asked me to open the card and read it to T. My 6th bump sense went off. lol.
Look forward to many cutie pie pictures from the birthday. Give the family in Fort Fun our best. And Happy Birthday to M's dad.

feather nester said...

Cheese Krystals? Really? Explain, please.