Thursday, May 01, 2008

biz's beat of the day

So S is a rapper now. Our new favorite show to watch (correction: the children's show that I like to watch) is Yo Gabba Gabba! We occasionally caught it in Lexington, but a combination of one-nap-a-day and the blessed central time zone means we get to see it most days now. I like it because there is lots and lots of dancing, which S loves, and we get to parade around the living room acting silly right before lunch. Anyway, the show was somehow developed by Biz Markie, and there is a segment called "Biz's Beat of the Day," which strangely enough is not part of the program every day despite the moniker. Today, I was rapping right along with Biz (go ahead and create your mental picture, and go ahead and laugh, too). Then S walked away making some random noises that I slowly realized were her attempts at rapping along. It was hysterical. Completely and utterly hysterical.

Of course, she has been increasingly funny lately as her vocabulary continues to expand. I guess we're approaching that time when she'll start picking up something like a dozen words every day. We aren't there yet, but she is trying to say almost every word she hears now. We spend hours every day looking through magazines and naming things, and the girls at the nursery at the gym think it's great fun to think of words for her to say. She's going to be talking my ear off pretty soon. She's also started mimicking a lot of the things we do. Like...pulling weeds. M and I were pulling weeds in the backyard after dinner last evening, and we throw the weeds into a big box (because what the bejesus are we supposed to do with them??) after we pull them. I started noticing that S was walking back and forth to the box a lot, so I started watching her, and I realized that she was carrying little fistfuls of grass to the box and throwing them in. It was great. She also cleans and throws things into the garbage can now (poor kid can't reach the recycle bins), so she's picking up on a lot of things that we do around here. It's really fun to watch.

Beyond the adventures of S, I'm still sitting on all of the plants for my garden. Our dirt is in such bad shape that I can't really take care of the prep work alone, so I'll have to wait until M and I have some time to work on it together. My tomato plants are starting to scream for some space to grow, but they'll be alright a little longer. My basil, which I have to start from seed because we require a lot of basil, is coming up nicely, and I have about thirty plants coming up in the little peat pods. It makes me so happy. Especially when I see the $6 price tag on the basil pesto at the store. We've been having spinach pesto lately, though, so we won't be headed to the poor house just yet. Don't worry. I also found this super great website today. I'm looking forward to checking it out a bit more.

Alright, I'm out. I promised my uncle that I would make him whole wheat pizza dough today, and I need to get the show on the road. Here are some new pictures of the girl. Later, peeps.


Strongmama said...

Looks like S is ready for her own bachelorette party! Did that thought cross your mind at all while you were out this weekend-- that one day your child would be engaging in debaucherous activties like that? I'm sure you don't want to think about it right now :)

Kristie said...

Sophie really likes R&B music, especially No Diggity and What a Man. I had no idea that Oh Baby, You Got What I Need guy had a children's show!

die Frau said...

Strongmama echoes my comment-- looks like the bachelorette gave you some ideas! :-) And the Biz Markie reminds me of in Friends when they got baby Emma to laugh by singing "Baby Got Back". I love it.

She's getting so tall! I also adore the toddler tummy.