Wednesday, May 07, 2008

mid-day pick-me-up

Scarlet Lily posed the brilliant question recently: if you could have any job in the world (even a made-up one) what would it be? I was, as usual, completely indecisive, leaving a handful of options in the comment section. Mostly, I couldn't commit to one answer because I was incapable of settling on a made-up vocation, choosing instead to list every conceivable real job I might want. Either way, my made-up occupation was "professional chiller-outer." Huh? I know. I described it as having musicians play gigs in my backyard, so I could chill out and drink wine or beer all afternoon while enjoying live tunes. The number one musician that I'd like to have playing in my backyard is Jack Johnson. While he's not exactly my favorite musician, I think that he is definitely chilling out material, and he's pretty easy on the eyes, too. sum it all up, I thought some of you might need a little mid-day pick me up.

Here it is.
Now imagine that you're in my backyard, sipping a nice, cold Shiner Bock, enjoying the breezy, sunny afternoon. I don't know about you, but my imagination is pretty much in heaven right now.

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Anonymous said...

Dan and I have tickets to see Jack on August 6th! I will DEFINITELY be chilling out LIKE IT'S MY JOB ;-) ~Jess