Friday, May 09, 2008

sticker shock

So, the continued greening of the Ouiser family is forcing the continued de-greening of the Ouiser family's bank accounts. I realized last week that I buy organic milk but all our other dairy products were still just the conventional stuff. What's up with that? So, the only cheese I bought at the grocery store this week was organic string cheese for M and S. We've still got cheese here that has to be eaten before I can really start switching us over. Just so you know, I must be really committed to greening things up around here (hubby, too) because we are tight-wads. Seriously. I paid the extra money for the cheese, but I just couldn't bite the bullet this time and spring for the organic butter. Baby steps...I'm not ready for $5 butter. I felt pretty good about our little grocery trip, though, as our small town Kroger has expanded its crazy hippie section, so I can now buy our recycled toilet paper, 7th Generation baby wipes, and all of our cleaning products right here in town. No internet orders. No special trips to Nashville. Okay, that's not entirely true, I will still use Method floor cleaners, and I still have to get those from somewhere other than here. Maybe Lowe's will expand their Method selection beyond hand soaps. A green girl can dream, right?

Beyond that, it's been a busy week full of poop here. S has basically had major intestinal distress since I got home from New York. She spent most of the past week on the BRAT diet, and we let her have regular food yesterday, which led to the largest blowout to date. Poor kid woke up this morning soaked in poop. Not covered, soaked. She had a very thorough bath at 7am. Now sweet L is sick, too, so I can't imagine there will be a lot of Ouier/Feathernester hanging out this weekend. Fingers crossed for poop and puke free weekends here in DC.

I'm out, peeps. I'm going to handwash some plastic containers because the Ouisers no longer put plastic in the dishwasher because I don't want to leech BPA into the water supply and cause genetic mutations in fish. I have to stop watching National Geographic shows. And, for the record, we're still trying to phase plastics out altogether to really eliminate the problem. In fact, I ordered Sigg bottles yesterday. I love the one I got for myself. M's is also crazy awesome...though decidedly more conservative than mine. Ha.
Have a great weekend.

Sight: S's face when she finally climbed into the rocking chair on her own

Sound: new Jack Johnson

Smell: Burt's Bees baby lotion

Touch: S sleeping on my chest

Taste: cranberry oatmeal cookies I just made


Strongmama said...

Oh I hope everyone feels better soon! Do you know about these?
They're great if you think you need an option that won't hurt when you get hit with it by little ones. We got ours at REI.

feather nester said...

I'm sure you've already thought of this and have a reason it doesn't work for you, but: have you tried getting mozzarella that's not in string cheese form? It's cheaper by far, and then you don't have all the plastic packaging to throw away either. You can just get a big block and cut it into little cubes. The butter I can't help you with.

Eating healthy is expensive! Even if you don't go green. My last shopping trip I tried to load up on healthier things, and lots were NOT organic due to local limitations. It was a $200 shopping trip. And L doesn't even really eat food yet!

die Frau said...

See my comment on FN's post--I LOVE my Sigg. Take it everywhere and got one for DH.

Hit up the local farmer's market for produce that's most likely not pesticided to death. I did that this weekend and got good stuff for not too much money, plus I rode my bike to get there so I didn't waste gas! Just don't forget that local can be just as good as organic, and it does tend to be cheaper.

VA said...

Maybe totally random. But couldn't you make your own butter out of organic milk? Would that be cheaper?

But in case that isn't, if you guys get Organic Valley, they have a tonna coupons on their website here: