Friday, May 02, 2008

one sense friday

This is Old Timer's Weekend in DC. (It's the local festival...because every small town in the south has a festival.) The church across the street is barbecuing chickens and selling them over the weekend to benefit Relay for Life. So, S and I got home from my daddy's this afternoon to the unbelievably delicious smell of barbecue chicken. It is so mind-numbingly glorious that it reminds me of Memphis when you're walking down the alley to The Rendezvous (once you get up-wind of the dumpster). It's like heaven is in the churchyard across the street.

In honor of the heavenly aroma, I declare this ONE SENSE FRIDAY. My other senses can't even come up with anything adequately comparable this week.

Happy Weekending, folks. I'm out.

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