Monday, May 19, 2008

needing a bigger bubble

Oh, where to begin? I had three goals this weekend. Three. Get my new blueberry bushes and the rosebush into the ground. Get the porch swings off the floor of the porch. Get the ball rolling on the building of our deck by meeting with some company called Decks Unlimited. A fourth goal was added at the last minute: address 200 wedding invitations in brown ink that must be found at an obscure art supply store in downtown Nashville. My goals were not met. The bushes are still in their plastic containers on the back stoop. The swings are still sitting on the porch despite M and Mr. Feathernester's best efforts. Decks Unlimited never showed up. Never called.

The wedding invitations, however, are safely at the FedEx drop. Go figure. I achieved someone else's goal. That's neither here nor there.

The porch swings are proving to be quite an issue. Our entire house got new siding in the remodel, and the porch ceiling is no exception. The old wooden ceiling just got covered. That creates a problem when you're trying to find a support to hold up two five-foot porch swings. A major problem. Plus, we have no access to the space above the porch, so M and D are really stumped. An answer must be found, though. It just must. I mean, read my stupid Ouiser profile. My lifelong ambition is to be old on a porch swing. One of the reasons I fell in love with this house when I saw it was the porch. I know that M realizes that begging Charlotte Hardware to take the swings back isn't really an option. I know that he knows that this is important to me. I just hope there's an answer that doesn't involve ripping out the ceiling of the front porch. Any ideas??

Beyond the porch swing, we continue to have bathroom issues, and I am afraid that I may be found guilty of aggravated assault if the contractor doesn't properly finish my bathroom tomorrow. I am seriously about to snap. M is not far behind.

Send some happy house thoughts our way if you've got any. Feathernester, you're excused from this request, and if I've got any excess happy house thoughts, I'll send them your way.

Oh, I would like to give a green shout out to G. He's harvesting rainwater. Without a hundred dollar barrel. Way to be green...and still have some green.
I'm out, peeps.


die Frau said...

Good luck with everything! Hopefully you won't have to get wooden supports and have the swings freestanding. I'm sure someone out there has a solution; sorry it's not me! I always say a good, strong drill can solve a lot of problems, but that may be like killing a fly with a large rubber mallet.

Kristie said...

Well, at least the city didn't decide that there had to be a man hole in your back yard. I currently have a large one in mine. We have to cover it with a wheelbarrow so Shelby won't fall in it. Maybe you should move back to Kentucky!