Thursday, April 24, 2008

what a picture is worth

I'm packing it up and heading north for the weekend. I know, heading north! Whoever heard of such insanity? Scarlet Lily's last night of debauchery (aka her bachelorette party) is Saturday night in New York, so Feather Nester and I are flying out in the morning for a weekend of babylessness that I can barely even wrap my brain around. So, I'm out for a few days.

I thought I'd leave you some pictures of S to enjoy. Pictures are really all you need to get a pretty accurate idea of what life is like around here these days.

Happy weekending, peeps. Keep your eyes on the gossip columns this weekend. You never know, I might run into Clooney...

Picking flowers or pulling weeds? You decide.
Guess who really likes chocolate chip cookies?
The stew clearly needed carrots.
S would totally fail her health inspection. Totally.


mo wask said...

hee hee
S has the same kitchen as K. 3 yrs later and it still gets plenty of play time. Hope R enjoys it as much. Have a great weekend!

Kristie said...

S's kitchen looks like mine right now!