Saturday, January 26, 2008

piece of cake

I'm actually impressed with the kiddo. No cake in her hair, which means I don't have to give her another bath before cake today. That makes me happy.

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes. Here are some pictures from last night.

"I will eat you," says the cake whisperer.
I like frosting. A lot.
"Tickle my neck."
Guess who didn't want her birthday to end.


VA said...

Happy B-day S!
She may look a lot different 365 days later but it's nice to see that her I'm-terribly-upset-right-now face hasn't changed. It's too perfect.

One down many more happy ones to come!

p said...

"Guess who didn't want her birthday to end."

umm.. mr. p!

you're awesome, kid! many more days to come, hopefully filled with lots of ice cream ;)

die Frau said...

Va made the same observation I did. What a fabulous picture to pull out in thirteen years and embarrass the bejesus out of her....

Wicked Lemon said...

Did M plan on wearing a comparable shade of blue to match the doctors scrubs? Sure does make this picture complete!