Tuesday, January 22, 2008

abra cadabra

Um, what just happened? Where did the snow come from? And where did it go? I awoke this morning to NPR telling me that schools were closed.


Then I looked outside and saw that everything was blanketed in white. I had no idea it was supposed to snow. Apparently no one did because M said none of the roads had been salted or cleared when he went to work and there were several accidents on major roads around town. It really shouldn't have come as a surprise, though, as the temperature hadn't been over twenty degrees for several days. Until today. It's a whopping 38 outside. Heat wave. I thought about wearing shorts, but that would've required shaving. That's a joke.

Anyway, the snow is gone and now everything is just wet and cold and gray. I hate winter. I think I've mentioned that before.

As there is nothing going on around here, I'll just placate you with pictures of S...who is still zero. At least until Friday.


Sarah said...

What joke? Are you implying that you're actually supposed to bother to shave when it's below zero?? Damn... I did NOT get that memo. Thank god for clear leg hair :)

feather nester said...

Is she eating Otis? While Otis eats a bone? Or is she kissing him? She's chewing on everything else in these pics, so I thought maybe she thought Otis needed a little gnawing. And are those the Crocs? I love her.

die Frau said...

How many inches did you get to have things close? I'm just wondering. You saw the picture of my winter wonderland backyard: We've gotten a few inches almost every day for a week. :-) Everyone's slip-sliding around and wearing boots.