Monday, January 21, 2008

a new obsession

Holy moly. The Ps are hooked. Hooked. On Heroes. You know....the show that rocketed Hayden Panettiere to stardom and spawned the newest and least appropriate version of HaLo. Anyway, I'd had a sneaking suspicion for ages that M and I would love the show if we ever sat down to watch it. The major problem was that we'd have to start at the beginning or we'd be completely lost. So, I added the first disk of the first season to our Netflix queue, and the rest is history. After we got the first disk, the rest of season one got bumped to the top of the list. Friday night, we finished disk three, and I decided I couldn't handle waiting until this week to get a few more episodes...then a few more days for a few more get the idea. We went to the video store and rented the rest of the first season and finished it this weekend. Thirteen episodes of Heroes in two days. We were up until 2am Sunday morning, which anyone can tell you is not like us at all. We just couldn't stop. I'm telling you, I love this show. Love it. Love it. Love it. I can't wait to get into the second season, which I think we'll likely start watching online. My hope is that the writer's strike will end soon because once it starts interfering with my Heroes-watching agenda, there's going to be a problem.

So, if you've got the flu or just don't want to go out into the frigid, biting cold, go rent Heroes.

Happy Monday, peeps. I've got to go catch up on the laundry I wasn't doing while I was glued to the television for the past several days.

Oh, and S got her first pair of Crocs today. They're so stinkin' cute on her feet...and in her mouth, which is where they were for the entire car ride home since she was chewing on them.


feather nester said...

I know, right? I'm so glad you guys are now as hooked on that show as we are.

Post a pic of S with the Crocs on! Can't wait!!

Lesley said...

Oh honey, if you ever want to watch one tree hill from start to finish, I got it. My obsession while staying home for baby girl's first six weeks. We've got all of the Lost and CSI's too... if you happen to get bored :)

Lesley said...
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die Frau said...

Hmm...can I really add another show, now that we've become Battlestar Galactica freaks? Which, p.s., rocks as a show with the sci-fi element PLUS a very spiritual bent. Quite a combo.

I've often thought T and I would love Heroes. Maybe after we get caught up on BG we'll move onto Heroes.

Teeny tiny Crocs are adorable in and of themselves. I also want a picture!