Tuesday, January 15, 2008

baby got back

S is not a petite child. Never has been. Of course, her cloth diapers have always made her look rounder than she really is. But now they make her look even bigger. Her size medium cloth diaper covers are a thing of the past. We started realizing several weeks ago that she was constantly getting mild diaper rash every time we used her cloth diapers, but it was never happening when she was in disposables. Then we put two and two together and realized that the diaper covers had become so snug that they were holding wet diapers directly against her buns. As she's never been one to complain about having a wet diaper, it was a problem. So, I headed out to pick up bigger covers. There's a smidge of a problem, though. The large covers are supposed to fit babies from 25-40 pounds. For those of you who aren't parents, that covers kids from about age one to age four. Needless to say, they are enormous on her. Silly enormous. Between her knees and halfway up her back enormous. It's not pretty, and it's barely creating a functional situation. Poopers in these suckers are an issue I really don't want to talk about.

There has to be a better way, right? I have been seriously concerned for about a week now that there wasn't going to be a better way that didn't involve several hundred dollars. I had assumed that the sizing of cloth diaper covers was standard...like the sizing of disposable diapers...meaning that there would be no diaper covers to properly fit the child and we'd be forced to go the disposable route indefinitely or pony up the cash for all-in-ones. Neither of those options sounded at all appealing to me.

So, last night I hit the trusty internet in hopes of finding something great. Know what I found out? That assuming makes an ass out of me. (Not necessarily "u", but definitely me.) Diaper cover sizes aren't standard at all. Not even close. It's completely different between different brands. I found that Bumkins covers (which we've used before) have a size large that fit 22-28 pound kiddos and Bummis (which we've never used, but have heard great things about) makes a size medium that fits up to a 30 pound baby. I realize now that I really should've done this research before I ran to the local store in hopes of saving the energy related to shipping diaper covers. Anyway, I decided to give the Bummis a shot as they've come out with a new style with leg gussets, which we find critical and none of their old styles had. They have been ordered, and my fingers are crossed that they are as wonderful as I've heard. I'll keep you all posted as I know you're going to lose sleep over it...

In other product news- the Ecover dishwasher detergent I posted about before was pretty awful. We've used the whole box at this point...about a month's worth of dishes. We've been drinking out of crusty, dirty glasses for the entire month. I have, however, decided to give the brand another shot, and I picked up some of their dish cubes today. I'll let you know if they're any better. If they're not, I'm not entirely sure what we'll do. I can't wrap my brain around paying ten bucks for dishwasher detergent, and that's the next step.

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