Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the one in which i ramble.

I'm not all that capable of coherent thought right now. Maybe it's the sleep thing. T woke up at 1:30 this morning to eat, and I had the toughest time falling back to sleep. I stared at the clock for over an hour. I had a blog post in my head. It was about even numbers. It was witty and clever. I don't remember anything about it other than it was about even numbers. A lack of sleep will do that to you.

So you're stuck with this.

Let's see...what to blog about.

Yesterday, I did a little internet research into "my colors." They are not blush and bashful. Shockingly. Have you ever done this? Analyzed what colors you should and shouldn't wear based on your coloring? I had not. Anyway, it was kind of fascinating. I am apparently a Cool Winter, which I never, ever would have guessed just based on the name, but it fits. Me, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Connelly, and the late great Elizabeth Taylor could all totally share clothes because we're all Cool Winters. After this little experiment, I looked at my 33 articles of clothing, and I realized I'm not terribly far off track. My wardrobe revolves around blues and grays and purples, so I'm pretty good there. Apparently I need to adios my green cardigan and my gold sweater, but I'll wait until I find what I want to replace the green sweater, and the gold sweater needs to stick around for Vandy games.

Speaking of replacing clothes, I am currently fascinated by this and this. Sometimes I enjoy reading things that sound like someone wrote down my inner thought process. Alas, I can't get on board with Rachel's list of stores, but that's just me. I'm currently pretty loyal to Garnet Hill for sweaters and dresses and J.Jill for jeans (the butt never sags!! ladies, you know what I'm talking about!) I also hit LL Bean for sweaters and pieces to layer. They tend to wash and wear well, though I've had a couple of pieces that the neckline gets all discombobulated. Besides, walking into Gap or Banana Republic or J. Crew sounds like walking into Hell for the most part.

What about you? Where do you shop? Do you go trendy or more classic? Do you know your colors and go by the rules? Do you think Kate Middleton can really bring hose back into fashion? Do you think someone will take a pot shot at her if she does? There are so many questions.


die Frau said...

Talbot's has totally revamped. I'm serious. What used to be fairly...our mom's age stuff has gotten quite stylish and nice. My mom, my 28 year-old sister, and I all saw things we loved.

I go classic...I can't afford to be trendy. Plus I'm just more of a classic kind of girl who gets fun accessories. Lots of red shoes.

die Frau said...

Oh, and Fair Indigo. Cute stuff, all fair trade, some organic, and actually within normal people's price ranges. I'm lucky as well to have a very picky thrift store near me that has amazing choices.

Sarah Berry said...

From the time I was little we had a family friend who ALWAYS liked to remind me that I was "a fall." This was scarring because it meant I wasn't allowed to wear the white Easter dress, I had to wear the cream one. And cream to a 7 year old is a huge no-go. I'll have to go check to see if that's still true!

The Full Count said...

1. I have an incredible fascination with even numbers. It is borderline pathological.
2. Years ago, my mother was quite enthralled with knowning what one's 'colors' were. She went so far as to have a little fold out booklet of fabric swatches that she carried with her in her purse. She was, at any given moment, prepared to shop for the correct colors. You should ask Laura about it. Hilarious.

Melissa said...

My mother-in-law taught me about people's colors. I know them for everyone in my family, as does Sophie. I'm classic, but will accessorize with trendy items (I just won't pay a lot for them). I also tend to stay with the same colors in my, lots of grey, white and purple. I might try the J.Jill jeans, although today I purchased a classic pair of levi's that fit surprisingly well. As for the pantyhose, I saw a Calvin Klein magazine ad today that featured a model in just a black top and her nude pannthose. I like Calvin Klein, but I NEVER could stand nude pantyhose. Even back in my working days when I wore them all the time, I stuck to ivory and black. I agree about Talbots and I have found that Land's End has come a long way too.

allison said...

Yes, color me beautiful ( was the book of choice back in the 80's.
Classic with a side of funk. Levi's, Patagonia, JCrew (they carry TALL pants and suits!) and several smallish brands. But the styles I gravitate to are basic. All of the brands you mentioned have cuts that don't fit me. I have adored JJill for years but every article of clothing has fit me wonky. So I admire the catalogs and move on. Pretty much all stores give me the Heebie Jeebies. Internet shop for 90% of my clothes.
And I vote NO to hose... ever! Tights, ok. Hose, NO!