Monday, October 03, 2011

a day of very little.

I can't really call it a day of nothing. I've washed, folded, and put away three loads of laundry. And baked three loaves of bread. Other than that, though, this is a day for doing nothing. Or just next to nothing.

Along those lines, I am barely capable of making my brain turn on today. I turned it on for a few minutes as I worked on M's best birthday present ever. Then I turned it back off and sat in the sunshine with the kiddos until Kiddo #2 needed a nap and then Kiddo #1 fell off her horse* and went kersplat onto the aggregate patio, thus requiring the couch, some apple juice, and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

*Little Ouiser has a horse.? Um, yeah. Her horse's name is Lightning. She's imaginary, but she is currently an integral part of our lives. S rides her everywhere until it gets late enough in the day that I can't stand to hear any more galloping and I tell her it's time to put Lightning in the stable for the night. Then she ties the old girl up somewhere, feeds her some apples, and moves on. Then we repeat the whole process the next day.

In case you were wondering, M and I have horses, too. His horse is Fire Dash, and mine is Hearts. We were not allowed to name our own horses, clearly (though I doubt M could've come up with a better name for his gallant steed). Drew and Kaitlin were here yesterday, and they got horses, too. Kaitlin's horse is Lightning Thunder Dash. Drew got the short end of the stick. His horse's name is Grapefruit Juice.

This is the crap that goes on in my life. Daily.

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Sarah Berry said...

Your horse names are so awesome that I'm almost willing to fly to TN to get one. Seriously, those are totally bada$$.