Monday, October 17, 2011

a doozy.

Sorry I was MIA last week. Luckily, Scarlet Lily picked up the slack in the blogosphere, and we all know that she's a more interesting blogger than I.

Last week was a doozy. There was a leaky dishwasher, electrical work, the shrimpiest of shrimpy babies got shots (and weighed in as the shrimpiest of shrimpy babies), Fall Break for S, a dog with diarrhea, Mr. Ouiser went out of town, I had a massive panic attack, and we made the rather heartbreaking choice to wean T (which is the right choice, just a tough one). There was a lot going on.

Luckily, we ended the week rather nicely with a belated anniversary date with the Nashville Opera.

M and I saw La Traviata on Saturday evening at TPAC. We had loads of fun. I will say that a very dark theater, a performance in Italian, and an 8pm start time were a tough combination for the overtired parents of a six month old, but we managed. It was very, very good. We were intrigued by the "subtitles." TPAC has a digital screen above the stage where they essentially run ads and trivia prior to performances. For the opera, they used it for subtitles. We were very curious about how much we would've understood without them. Would the performance seemed more powerful? Would it have seemed more like a musical performance than a theatrical performance? We'll never know because even if we saw this particular opera again we'd know the story. Either way, I loved it. M either loved it or faked it really well.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, La Traviata is totally the opera that Edward Lewis takes Vivian Ward to in Pretty Woman, so that was cool.
Another bonus to going to the Opera? Your daughter running around the entire next day in your heels.


Melissa said...

So glad that you had fun at the opera! I know Marc was very curious about it. Great pic of the two of you - you look very pretty! Hope this week is better for you than last week. Love, M

Sarah Berry said...

You guys looks so great! And can we talk about the super cute way your scarf is tied??