Tuesday, October 25, 2011

love that girl.

There are many things to love about my sweet girl...even if she isn't always so sweet. Here are a few:
  • Words that she mispronounces: M&M's ("Nem Nems"), restaurant ("rest-ry-ant"), picnic ("pic-uh-nic"), onesie ("wum-sie"), popcorn ("pah-corn").
  • Despite recognizing the letter "H" and clearly identifying it as such when she sees it, she always says "kay-tch" when reciting the alphabet. Every time.
  • The fourth toe on each of her feet is crooked.
  • She has freckles. Two on her right cheek. One on the back of her right ear. I love them. They are like bulls eyes for kisses.
  • She likes to create elaborate dates for me and M. She sets tables, folds napkins, puts out flowers, and makes menus. Then she is our server. And we never have to pay.
  • She snuggles.
  • She sincerely has the cutest butt of any person ever. She's getting old enough that I should probably stop squeezing it all the time, but I just can't resist.
Then there are conversations like this one. She will be studying the infamous letter "H" this week at school, so this morning we talked about some things that started with the letter. Happy, Halloween, Hat, Horse, Hippo. On the drive to school, I asked if she remembered some of the things we talked about. She said, "Yep."

"Really? What were they," I asked.

"Happy and Halloween and hat," she replied.

"Do you remember the animals we talked about?"

"Yes. Horse and Rhino."

"Not quite. Horse and Hippo."

"Same thing."

Not really, baby girl, but I love you anyway.

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