Monday, August 08, 2011

practically perfect in every way.

Have I ever mentioned that Mary Poppins is my hero? Because she is. For real. If I ever meet Julie Andrews, I will be tongue tied for sure. It would be like Mr. Ouiser meeting Peyton Manning. Only who are we kidding? Mr. Ouiser would shake Peyton's hand and look him in the eye (because they are totally the same height) and say the perfect amount of whatever it is that men say to each other. I would drool on Mary Poppins and she might think that I was a mute in the end. Oh, well. It would be worth it.

Anyway, as I was defacing my wall with what follows, Mr. Ouiser and I realized that not many people would do this to their wall. Alas, like Mary Poppins, I am not most people. Also, this was done with tongue firmly planted in cheek. It's awesome, though.
I am going to make pieces for the kids that will stick to the wall that say "Rather inclined to giggle; doesn't put things away" and "Extremely stubborn and suspicious." I want to keep those phrases with their current heights, but I want to use the "measuring tape" to mark their heights each year. S is currently coming in at a whopping 45-1/2 inches, which makes her the height of an average six-year-old. T has his four month check-up tomorrow, and I will report his current stats then. I measured him very unscientifically last week and he was 24 inches. Also, I'm betting he weighs 16-1, but M thinks he's 15-something. We shall see. If he stays in Kentucky all week like he currently thinks he might have to despite the fact that he is supposed to be home on Wednesday I might not tell him how big our son is. That'll show him. I am also wondering what he's planning to do for an extra two days of clothes.


Paper Bird and Little Fairy said...

super cute.


Ashley Sanders said...

Fabulous!!!!! Cannot wait till Friday.

Sarah Berry said...

SO bad ass!!!

VA said...

Oh so perfect!

Although, I think Mr. Ouiser's height really does add something to the whole shebang.

In relations to the clothes query, Mr. Ouiser knows that he has friends who will let him do laundry...right? But, I'm probably a day late and a dollar short on that insight.